Jun 052012

Wow. this past weekend was great. It was horribly busy, but still kind of relaxing, I learned a lot and had a wonderful time at the Teaching Parent’s Association annual convention, meeting up with old friends and spending time with family.

We got into Wichita at nearly one in the morning on Friday. Thankfully the girls went right back to sleep after they were carried in from the car and put down in their bed at Grandma’s. We got unloaded, made sure an alarm was set for the next day and then we crashed. It was quite the adventure getting to the convention center on Friday with the one way streets and most of them blocked off for the annual Riverfest. I got to attend quite a few sessions, wander the vendor hall and chat with people. I will say that this year it was very nice not having a lot of random strangers stop to give me hugs since our nametags state where we are from (last year was just a few weeks from the tornado and it was fresh in everyone’s mind). We got turned around trying to make it home that night and spent a half hour driving around trying to find our way out of the labrynith of one way streets.

Saturday, my alarm didn’t go off, but thankfully I woke up at the time I had set it for. We leave a few minutes early so we could stop at HubbaHubba’s favorite donut shop in Wichita. We get there as they are literally closing the streets for the River Run. So we sat and ate our donuts and watched people run past who obviously never eat donuts. We make it to the convention center a few minutes late so we wander the vendor hall, chat with some vendors and purchase the bulk of our curriculum. Of course, time escapes us and we realize halfway through the second session that we were missing that seminar too…oops. Then it is time for lunch so we go and get lunch, enjoy the last keynote, attend the last two sessions and help my friend Betty pack up her booth.

On Sunday we go to the church HubbaHubba grew up at and we find out that some friends of ours who moved from here recently attend there now. It was great seeing them and their children (the girls were ecstatic to see their friends). We make it home and have lunch and I crash. HubbaHubba came to wake me up at six.

Monday we went to the Exploration Place where they currently have a traveling Star Wars Exhibit. HubbaHubba and Beans went in to see it. Bugs didn’t want to go so we didn’t get the extra tickets for that and we played in the rest of the museum. We met the friends we saw at church there so our munchkins could have time together. We left after lunch time, stopped at Spangles (our favorite fast food in Wichita) and spent the rest of the day doing some chores at my Mother-in-law’s house. We finally leave at about eight at night and got home at midnight on the nose. We shuffled the girls in to bed (they never even noticed), unloaded most of the car and crashed ourselves.

So, today is catching up on laundry, watering the veggie garden, cleaning up from just dropping everything into the living room upon arrival home and relaxing some. And hopefully getting all my reviews and postings done for TPA.

I should go and fold some kitchen towels. And hang up our clothes. Plus I have to hammer in drainage holes in the old tin wash tub so I can plant it with lettuce. Maybe I should find room for our new school books too.

Talk to you all later. I have to get to work!