Science on Thanksgiving

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Nov 252010




Every time we cook a whole bird of some sort, Bugs has to examine and play with the giblets. She loves to run water through the neck, and handle all the other innards. And of course we have to cut open and look at the chambers of the heart. We discuss what each of the organs does and she plays with them before we cook them for the dog. Here are some pictures of her playing with the duck giblets today. She had a lot of fun with it. The dog enjoyed her dinner of them too. I jokingly say that I fed my dog duck pate` today.

This was supposed to have posted yesterday, but due to technical errors (or operator errors) with my phone, it didn’t..

2010 Gratitude Challenge

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Oct 312010

Brenda over at  Garden of Learning has decided that this year for the month of November, she is hosting a Gratitude Challenge.  Each day during the month of November, post something that you are thankful for.  This will give you a chance to really count your blessings, and foster a spirit of Thanksgiving, that hopefully will last year-round instead of just the end of the month.  If you want to join, go check it out here, and grab the lovely button she made!  Hope to see you there!.