Oh the Weather Outside…

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Jan 312011

Is starting to get frightful.  In fact, they are actually calling for a blizzard in SW Mo…I’m actually kind of excited.  You see, I used to live in Grand Forks North Dakota on the air base.  We would get blizzards a lot.  It was great to sit at the window and watch it all come down. I haven’t seen a real blizzard in nearly 25 years. The girls are just excited it is going to snow.  Too bad they don’t realize exactly what they are calling for… At this point, they are predicting 16 to 18 inches and 0 visability for most of the day. That’s after midnight tonight with a great chance for thundersnow.  Yes, thundersnow.  It is like a thunderstorm, but with snow instead of rain.  Really cool, Swagbuck (or google) it for more info. Then, after this snow storm tomorrow (my husband’s boss called off work tomorrow already, he’s an ex-t.v. weather man and said in the very long time he did that down here, the words blizzard and warning never went together for this area.) we are supposed to be sub-zero temps until about Thursday.  Then, by Sunday we are supposed to be in the mid-thirties for it all to start melting off.  I’m sure by then I will be sick of it.  I normally don’t like snow.  At all since I did spend a lot of time growing up in North Dakota. But then, a lot of it is because the people down here have no earthly idea how to drive in it.

Bean’s birthday is in just over two weeks.  I can’t believe that my baby is going to be three! Grandma is planning on coming out for it and making her cake.  So far she’s asked for a chocolate butterfly cake, a polka-dot cake and a polka dotted, striped butterfly. The fact it is to be chocolate has remained the same. Grandma and I are thinking of a polka dotted butterfly and she can deal with it.  Beans is so laid back too compared to her sister.  When Bugs was turning three, she insisted for three months she wanted a castle cake.  So, Grandma came out and we put together a pink castle cake.  It took us four hours and two emergency trips to the store to get things to fix our mistakes. By the time we were done, we were both so high on sugar, it scared Hubbs.  He closed work that night, and was rather late.  He called to say he was on his way home, and I was laughing so hard from something we had messed up on the cake and the sugar that he questioned our sobriety.  He then heard his mom cackling in the background and sped home to see what was going on since I couldn’t make a coherent sentence.  It was sooooo funny. That poor cake looked horrid, but the Bugs loved it.

We had a chilli cook-off at church on Sunday.  I took some chilli but I didn’t place.  That’s ok, there’s always next year.

Today, Bugs and I made some Sausage Pancake Muffins.  I highly recommend them. I got the recipe here from Heavenly Homemakers.  We made some two weeks ago nearly and they didn’t last very long at all.  So I made a double batch today. Nearly ran myself out of eggs doing it, so Hubbs had to stop at the nearly stripped bare grocery store to get us some more.  All they had left was some packages of 2.5 dozen. He grabbed one.  And another gallon of milk…. I also highly recommend that you make these pop tarts. Believe me when I say they are delicious and I have no intention of buying pop tarts ever, ever again.  And I’m needing to make more graham crackers.  Yes, you read that right, graham crackers.  I’m out of parchment paper and no way am I gong to make these without it though.  And I will not buy graham crackers after eating these.  They are so yummy! I plan on trying out more of Laura at Heavenly Homemaker‘s recipes in the near future.  Well, after we get dug out of this snow that’s coming and we the stores get more food in them….

Well, I should go and schedule a few posts in case we lose power in the next few days.  We’re praying we don’t.  And that the roof holds.  Buildings down here aren’t built for this kind of snow..