Random Bugs Sayings

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Aug 042010

So the Bugs has been full of random sayings this past week. Today on Hubbs’ way out the door for work, she called out, “Bye! Drive safe and don’t get lost Dad!”

That was after she asked her dad if she could have a new sister. She said Beans wasn’t being nice to her again and she wants a sister who could be nice. So we had to explain to her that we have to learn how to be nice and someday her sister will be. (Though, in the Beans’ defence, it is usually provoked)

Last week went on vacation to visit my MIL. We then took a day to drive over and visit my Hubbs’ grandma, some uncles and cousins. Hubbs’ cousins have kids the same ages as ours. Bugs was excited about getting to see them and the day before she kept saying that, “Tomorrow I’m going to see my sins and play with my sins.” “I like my sins!” After discussing the difference between cousins and sins, she’s been using the right term.

She has been so full of random sayings lately that I can’t remember all of them. If I remember any more, I’ll be sure and post them.  Or if she comes up with a new one.