Homekeeper’s Journal 3/8/2011- Service

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Mar 082011

I found a new meme today! I really like the idea of it, so I decided to try and link up! It is the Homekeeper’s Journal over at The Christian Homekeeper Network. So hop on over and check it out!

In my kitchen this week …. Is a lot of pantry cleaning. My husband got a new job two and a half months ago after two years of under-employment and we are straightening out the finances at the moment so we are using what we have until he is paid on Thursday.  Been a lot of beans the last week! Tonight is breakfast food at least! Eggs, potatoes and spam.

Service is/is not something that is on my mind very much because … It just seems to be a way of life for me. At least I try to keep it that way. We don’t live the “typical” life of our culture (I’m a SAHM, we homeschool, don’t own a television, have one car, believe children are a blessing, etc.) and we try to live a life of service to the point where it is becoming second nature to where if you see a need that needs filled, and if you can do it, you do.

There are times when my service seems ….. .Contrived, or forced and unappreciated. It seems worse within the family situation I suppose.

I know I serve others when I ….. When I seek their good above my own..