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Jan 262011

So I didn’t get the weekly house status up. And this week’s homeschooling status is in jeporady too.

We’ve been frantically rearranging and I about have things where I want them (well, until I decide it is time to rearrange again…) and the massive purging and simplifying is going well. Well, it was all going well until this morning.

Beans woke up sick this morning. She crawled into bed with us as the sun was coming up and didn’t get up until going on nine. All she wanted for breakfast was a glass of milk. She took two swallows and I found myself getting to bathe her, all her clothes, an afghan and scrubbing the couch while trying not to lose it myself (which is strange, puke never used to bother me). After an hour, I gave her some lukewarm tea and she at least waited a half hour before that came up. We just tried some lunch (she got a pink popsicle and after that remained for five minutes she decided she was starving so she got one scrambled egg and then she wanted more popsicle so hopefully….) So, since she’s puked twice now, she and I shall be staying home from church tonight. We’ve been working hard on sharing in our family, but this is something that shouldn’t be 😉

I also woke with a roaring sinus headache and feel generally horrible. So, since I have no subs, school is called off for the day which isn’t too big of a deal, but so is the rest of organizing the living room. I’m annoyed as I am so close to getting my living room just the way I’m wanting it, even to moving some pictures around on the walls. Oh well, guess it can’t be helped. I know If I push myself, I’ll feel bad longer.

So today is movie day in our house. The girls don’t mind.

I’m going to write up what we’ve finally decided on for school next year. I’ve been flip flopping repeatedly on two choices for history and I’m not sure on our Bible yet but I’ve finally found something I like. In fact, I’ve found three somethings I like, and possibly a fourth.

Yesterday, I went out for the mail. And both girls asked me if they got any (that’s a daily occurence anymore). I only got a magazine and my coupons for free soy milk. Bugs asked if she got mail, I told her sorry but not today. Then the Beans asked if she got mail. I told her sorry, not today for her either. She asked me what we got and I showed her my magazine and told her the envelope had coupons for free soy milk. To which she started jumping up and down, clapping her hands and exclaimed “Yay! I love free!!!!!”  I think she is learning well and is embracing my love of couponing.

Well, I’ve got to get started on that post of our school choices for next year. I’m stuck typing on my phone since the girls are watching movies on the laptop today (the one drawback to not owning a television)