Sep 202013

I am so tired of clutter.

I don’t know about you, but we have too much stuff in our house.

And it is past time to do something about it.

October is nearly here. Then comes the busy season of holidays. Anyone want to purge a room a week in their homes in preparation for the winter season? A room a week is doable.

So from October 1-7, the focus is on making the living room a warm welcoming haven to your family and guests.

October 8-14 will be the kitchen. Get rid of those appliances you don’t use, all those extra plastic containers taking up room, rearrange the silverware drawer if you’ve been putting it off. Organize the canned goods. Make it a joy to walk into your kitchen in the mornings to start that coffee maker (or tea kettle if you are like me and use a French Press).

October 15-21 will be clean out that bathroom! Trash those half used bottles of shampoo, that perfume you were given that you hate and all that really old makeup. Make your bathroom a nice relaxing place to take a hot bath in. Is there something small you could do to make it more inviting? What about candles, replacing the dingy shower curtain?

And October 22-28 is clean out your master bedroom! Ditch all those magazines sitting beside the bed waiting to be read, purge the tops of the dressers, fluff up the pillows and make it a retreat for you and your hubby.  Make your room a place you want to go to at the end of the day.

So, who’s in? I won’t make you take before pictures as I really don’t want to take the before pics of my house after the insanity of this past summer…Yeah, my house is really embarrassing currently.  I will do a link up if anyone is interested in joining in!

May 172012

So, another Friday has come and gone. I really need to write on time…

mile marker 19 on a desert road

School has been kept up with. In fact, the girls keep asking to work ahead. Which is fine by me. If we get done with their science and history six weeks early, so be it. I don’t have to record their days/hours yet as we aren’t old enough so it isn’t a worry if we finish six weeks ahead of schedule for this year. Just means that we can star next year a bit early and have more free time to work into the schedule.

I haven’t broken off the exercise DVD in weeks. I haven’t been too motivated. I should blow the dust off it as I do feel better when I do it. I have been careful in what I eat though so this whole healthier living thing isn’t totally a wash. My sugar consumption has been drastically reduced and I have been serving lots more fresher veggies (what is available around here can’t be classified as fresh unless I make it to the farmer’s market which is rather difficult to do since we have one car and the day they are open my husband typically needs it for work).
We were able t replace our refrigerator. So no more Food-O-Rama Kelvinator that was at least 30 years old for us. We got a nice Samsung side by side with water and ice in the door, which we paid cash for. It was on sale for 10% off when we bought it which made it a great deal (well, an “unadvertised sale.” We go to the store, say we are buying, with cash that day, and they offered the discount with free install and delivery.). They come to install it and didn’t take the doors off when they hauled it in and ended up scratching the door. So they gave us an additional 10% off. Let me tell you, this fridge is so quiet I keep checking to see if it is working! And it has been so nice to have the girls get their own drinks through the day too. Took some training on how not to overflow your cup with ice and/or water, but now they can get their water on their own.

We also paid off the majority of my student loans with our tax return. You have no idea how good it feels to have it most of the way gone. We have less than two thousand dollars to go on it and plan to get it taken care of this summer. I so can’t wait to be debt free except for the mortgage. The day that happens will be glorious and a huge cause for a celebration.

Housekeeping has been kept up. Well, until we started spending more and more time outdoors. I don’t understand how a home can get so messy when the bulk of your time is spent outside? In our time outside, we put in two 4 by 4 raised garden beds last weekend. I have four heirloom tomatoes, a cherry tomato, two sweet peppers and a bunch of hot peppers. I also learned it is possible to sunburn your plants. You see, assuming that they had been basically outside when I bought them (they were in a semi-protected area) that I wouldn’t need to harden them off. Well, I was wrong…So I had to build up sheet tents over the garden to shield the plants from the sun they were getting until they are more used to be out there. I’m praying they survive. We also got basil and oregano which I put in pots and we planted pumpkins in with the sunflower bed and I’ve started cantaloupe and watermelon too. I can’t wait for fresh salsa! Here’s hoping I don’t kill all those plants though. The joke is that I have the black thumb of death when it comes to plants.

So, how have you done this week? Feel free to write a post, leave the link in the comments to your blog, or if you don’t have a blog, leave a comment and share.

Homekeeper’s Journal 3/8/2011- Service

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Mar 082011

I found a new meme today! I really like the idea of it, so I decided to try and link up! It is the Homekeeper’s Journal over at The Christian Homekeeper Network. So hop on over and check it out!

In my kitchen this week …. Is a lot of pantry cleaning. My husband got a new job two and a half months ago after two years of under-employment and we are straightening out the finances at the moment so we are using what we have until he is paid on Thursday.  Been a lot of beans the last week! Tonight is breakfast food at least! Eggs, potatoes and spam.

Service is/is not something that is on my mind very much because … It just seems to be a way of life for me. At least I try to keep it that way. We don’t live the “typical” life of our culture (I’m a SAHM, we homeschool, don’t own a television, have one car, believe children are a blessing, etc.) and we try to live a life of service to the point where it is becoming second nature to where if you see a need that needs filled, and if you can do it, you do.

There are times when my service seems ….. .Contrived, or forced and unappreciated. It seems worse within the family situation I suppose.

I know I serve others when I ….. When I seek their good above my own..


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Jan 262011

So I didn’t get the weekly house status up. And this week’s homeschooling status is in jeporady too.

We’ve been frantically rearranging and I about have things where I want them (well, until I decide it is time to rearrange again…) and the massive purging and simplifying is going well. Well, it was all going well until this morning.

Beans woke up sick this morning. She crawled into bed with us as the sun was coming up and didn’t get up until going on nine. All she wanted for breakfast was a glass of milk. She took two swallows and I found myself getting to bathe her, all her clothes, an afghan and scrubbing the couch while trying not to lose it myself (which is strange, puke never used to bother me). After an hour, I gave her some lukewarm tea and she at least waited a half hour before that came up. We just tried some lunch (she got a pink popsicle and after that remained for five minutes she decided she was starving so she got one scrambled egg and then she wanted more popsicle so hopefully….) So, since she’s puked twice now, she and I shall be staying home from church tonight. We’ve been working hard on sharing in our family, but this is something that shouldn’t be 😉

I also woke with a roaring sinus headache and feel generally horrible. So, since I have no subs, school is called off for the day which isn’t too big of a deal, but so is the rest of organizing the living room. I’m annoyed as I am so close to getting my living room just the way I’m wanting it, even to moving some pictures around on the walls. Oh well, guess it can’t be helped. I know If I push myself, I’ll feel bad longer.

So today is movie day in our house. The girls don’t mind.

I’m going to write up what we’ve finally decided on for school next year. I’ve been flip flopping repeatedly on two choices for history and I’m not sure on our Bible yet but I’ve finally found something I like. In fact, I’ve found three somethings I like, and possibly a fourth.

Yesterday, I went out for the mail. And both girls asked me if they got any (that’s a daily occurence anymore). I only got a magazine and my coupons for free soy milk. Bugs asked if she got mail, I told her sorry but not today. Then the Beans asked if she got mail. I told her sorry, not today for her either. She asked me what we got and I showed her my magazine and told her the envelope had coupons for free soy milk. To which she started jumping up and down, clapping her hands and exclaimed “Yay! I love free!!!!!”  I think she is learning well and is embracing my love of couponing.

Well, I’ve got to get started on that post of our school choices for next year. I’m stuck typing on my phone since the girls are watching movies on the laptop today (the one drawback to not owning a television)