Sep 202013

I am so tired of clutter.

I don’t know about you, but we have too much stuff in our house.

And it is past time to do something about it.

October is nearly here. Then comes the busy season of holidays. Anyone want to purge a room a week in their homes in preparation for the winter season? A room a week is doable.

So from October 1-7, the focus is on making the living room a warm welcoming haven to your family and guests.

October 8-14 will be the kitchen. Get rid of those appliances you don’t use, all those extra plastic containers taking up room, rearrange the silverware drawer if you’ve been putting it off. Organize the canned goods. Make it a joy to walk into your kitchen in the mornings to start that coffee maker (or tea kettle if you are like me and use a French Press).

October 15-21 will be clean out that bathroom! Trash those half used bottles of shampoo, that perfume you were given that you hate and all that really old makeup. Make your bathroom a nice relaxing place to take a hot bath in. Is there something small you could do to make it more inviting? What about candles, replacing the dingy shower curtain?

And October 22-28 is clean out your master bedroom! Ditch all those magazines sitting beside the bed waiting to be read, purge the tops of the dressers, fluff up the pillows and make it a retreat for you and your hubby.  Make your room a place you want to go to at the end of the day.

So, who’s in? I won’t make you take before pictures as I really don’t want to take the before pics of my house after the insanity of this past summer…Yeah, my house is really embarrassing currently.  I will do a link up if anyone is interested in joining in!

Jul 262010





This is the cabinet I got for five dollars at the garage sale across the street. On the bottom shelf is my bread machine and stand mixer. The shelf above it holds my one and three quart crock pots and the tiny deep fryer (it’s Hubbs, I refuse to use it as deep frying scares me). The middle shelf holds my six quart crock pot and my heavy glass mixing bowls (they were on the top shelf of the kitchen cabinets, but I’m short and hated needing to use them so I avoided getting them down and when they were down, putting them back up). The top shelf is for my homeschooling supplies. Right now I just have paint in there. I am going to keep stuff I need my wee students to stay out of. They love craft supplies and will use them all up at once if given the chance.
To the left side is my hand held vacuum. Then, attached to the right are some organizers my mother-in-law got us. They are holding our paint brushes, pens, pencils, scissors, permanent markers and other such sundries.

As this cabinet is in the area that divides my kitchen from the laundry room, we put two Pillsbury Doughboys on top with my blue enameled bowl (yes, our kitchen is Doughboy).

This cabinet made us totally deep clean and reorganize my kitchen yesterday. It also really makes that part of the house seem to flow better. The old portable dishwasher that I broke (one really needs to remember to turn the water on when using it or risks burning out the pump…) used to sit right there and ended up being a catch-all.  The area looks much nicer now.