52 Fridays 5/25/2012

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May 252012

Today is FRIDAY!!!! So that means that it is time for another 52 Fridays post.
Where to begin? Or shy away from beginning?

This past week on Tuesday was the one year anniversary of the Joplin tornado. To commemorate it, the girls and I decided to participate in the Walk of Unity that was held. I am still not totally sure what I was thinking. I had been doing some Walk at Home with Leslie Sansone and figured I was up for the challenge.

I was sadly mistaken.

Well, partly mistaken…

You see, when I do my walking at home, I’m in my living room. My nice, flat living room. And when I walk at home, I’m not toting about 80 pounds of children behind me in a heavy wagon either. It was fairly cool in the house when we got ready and since the day before had been pretty chilly, we dressed in jeans and t-shirts for the walk. Totally forgetting that there is still no shade at all on the tornado route. The sun was shining beautifully straight down on us.

Then the girls decided before we even got to leave Wal-Mart’s parking lot that they were tired and wanted to go home. We had gotten a ride from a friend over and she had already gone back home so we were stuck following through.
The girls rode a lot in their wagon (a great off road/yard work wagon, but I can’t recommend it for long walks or great distances) and were very cute. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of them in it, but I was stopped by people thinking the girls were cute and wanting pictures themselves. I should have asked for someone to email me one now that I think on it. The girls waved the American flags they were given and smiled and waved to lots of people. We met up with some friends, made it to nearly the half-way point and walked to our friends’ home to watch the events at the park on television. We figured we would get to see more that way and we were right. By the time we had made it back to their house, we had walked nearly the whole amount of the planned route. On Wednesday, my legs throbbed and I was extremely stiff. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I wasn’t pulling the girls behind me and had real walking shoes. I had a pair of cheap tennis shoes on that were more of a minimalist design. I guess I’m getting old and should consider buying myself a good pair of tennis shoes with more padding or something.

The girls finished their history this week for school. All that is left is science and we don’t have a lot of that left and should be done before we leave for TPA next week. I’ve been letting them play outside since the weather has gotten so nice, and before it gets unbearably hot (which is happening this weekend from the look of it).
In the housekeeping department, I’ve at least kept the kitchen decent. We’ve been outside playing and working in the garden instead of spending time indoors. I am needing to deep clean the master bedroom and the bathroom this weekend.

Food wise, I’ve been doing decent. I’m purposefully not eating as much as I used to and trying to eat way more veggies. I need to go and get some more fresh produce actually. Though I don’t want to over buy as we’ll be gone for TPA for four days and I hate wasting money on food if it isn’t going to be eaten.

I really need to start in on a good Bible reading plan. I just got a book to review in the mail about how reading the Bible through in a year can change you. I hope there is a good plan to follow in it. I’ve printed off the Bible in 90 Days plan that I’m thinking of attempting again. The only thing is I prefer my NASB Chronological Bible over the traditionally laid out ones and I can’t find a B90 plan for that. Have you seen one?

Well, I have chores to get done so I need to get off the computer and get to work. Next week may or may not have a 52 Fridays post as I will be live blogging at the TPA Convention. Which will include all of next week prepping laundry, packing and everything that goes along with being gone for a few days.

A Diet that I think We Could Stick To

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Aug 242010

Let’s Do Lunch is a diet book and program like none other I have ever seen.  For starters, it is fairly short.  Most others I have been acquainted with are much longer.  It also approaches weight loss from a totally different perspective than I have ever thought of before.

Let’s Do Lunch doesn’t start with counting calories, eliminating carbs, or doing some stranger things like only eating one kind of food. Nor does he impose strict exercise regimes.  In it, the author suggests starting by eating fruit.  And then reordering the way we approach our meals.  Mainly with our protein consumption.  After sitting and mulling over his ideas for awhile, I think they have some if not a lot of merit.  Our current diet as a culture is atrocious.  Roger advocates (without coming right out and shouting it) that we need to move from the processed and convenience foods that are prevalent in our society today and go back to where the food came from.  Eat food closer to it’s natural state if you will.  Weight loss can be achieved by eating the least fattening option, eliminating sugar and changing the order of the meals and moving our largest meal of the day earlier.

Roger isn’t just some nutritionist or skinny guy spouting off his theory of dieting and lifestyle change.  He did it.  He once had a waist that was five feet around and weighed in excess of 400 pounds.  He tried every diet that came along and nothing worked.  Sure, he would lose a bit of weight, but then it would all come back and then some.  He started by eating frozen grapes 15 years ago, and he lost over 200 pounds with the changes he made and has kept it off.  This is what simply worked for him and he felt led to share it with others.

My husband and I are planning to implement his ideas into our lifestyles. I need to lose some weight (we had two children 17 months apart…pregnancy wreaks havoc on a woman’s body, on top of being already a bit on the chubbier side before that) and I hope this is the answer.  I know that counting, eliminating totally and deprivation diets aren’t for me.  Nor are they good for the children.  I don’t want them growing up with a negative body image from watching Mommy obsess.  This diet isn’t about obsessing over food, and being legalistic with it.  This is about lifestyle changing and reordering.  Even if I don’t lose weight, I think we will be healthier with a better attitude about food and it’s purpose. Along with the kinds of foods we allow into our home and consume.

If you are looking for a new approach to weight loss and lifestyle changes, this book is for you. I highly recommend it.

I was given a copy of Let’s Do Lunch by Thomas Nelson through their BookSneeze program in exchange for my reading it and posting a review on it on my blog and a consumer website.  All opinions contained herein are mine and mine alone.  I received no other compensation..