Candy House Tour!

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Sep 202010

Today we went to the Candy House Chocolate Factory and got to tour it.  Man, it was a lot of fun.  Saw a pallet of 1600 pounds of chocolate.

The girls had so much fun.  And I learned quite a bit.  Did you know that chocolate itself doesn’t ever go bad?  It is the milk, sugar, nuts, fruit etc that is added to it that does.  And there are only two companies that supply chocolate to the whole country, to places like the Candy House, and Hersheys.  The Candy House uses Peter.  Which is funny as that is my husband’s name.

We’ve had way too many issues with this computer recently with adding photos to my blog posts.  My husband is working on the technical issues (that and I have inadvertently overloaded the hard drive and there is no room left.  He’s going to have to fix that one too….).  So, when this mess is straightened out, I will be adding photos.  Including one of a white chocolate brain filled with gummy worms.  I’m thinking my sister needs one of those…..