Woo Hoo

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Jul 242010

We had a pretty good day today!  The neighbors across the street were holding a garage sale and they had what appeared to be a pretty nice bookshelf unit out so I had to go and investigate.  Turns out, it was more of a free standing cabinet with doors on it that lock!  I was so excited, even though the doors were not on it and they need a bit of work to get them back on.  While over there, I was able to also score three pairs of kid shoes, a shirt for each of the girls, a set of fleece pajamas and a pair of pink pants for Bugs a pair of cute black sandals for me (finally, haven’t owned a pair in two years since I broke my last ones) and for a mere dollar, a Leap Frog Leap Pad!  Then, we decided to take Daddy to work this afternoon and stopped at another garage sale where I got two brand new outfits, a few more shirts, two more pairs of kid shoes and a purse.  I spent under fifteen dollars today.  I can’t wait to get that cabinet next to my dryer.  I was wanting to build a pantry there anyway to sort of divide my kitchen from my laundry area.  This will work until we can do the building.  That cabinet will house all my larger kitchen appliances that I don’t use daily and homeschool supplies.  Yes, I need to keep things like markers, paint, glue and crayons locked up and out of reach.  The children love that stuff.  In fact, we have a horrible time with losing crayons.  I have found several in my laundry.  Of course, after it had been through the dryer (thankfully it wasn’t anything good, just skivvies and socks each time).

Then, when we went to go get Daddy from work today, it started to rain when a cold front came through.  You have no idea how nice that is.  We have been under extreme heat warnings for what feels like an eternity now this summer.  I have the windows open and the attic fan running and it is so nice.  It wasn’t nice driving in the rain, especially in the dark, but I survived.

Tomorrow is church.  Then it is massive family clean the house day so I can spend the first of next week organizing and packing for a trip to Grandma’s.  The girls are excited.  I’m looking forward to a week away from home.  And I need to get at least one book review written too by then.  May as well do it tonight. I have to finish yet another one and I’m caught up with that at least and can then dive into some books that I want to read that I’m not reviewing.  I can’t wait..