Another 52 Fridays Post

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Jun 292012

Well, it is Friday. At least the calendar says it is. Sure feels like it should be past that already. We had VBS this week Sunday through Wednesday that threw us off.

It is beyond hot here. Not as hot as other places in the U.S, but still. And it is only June. I think my Farmer’s Almanac was off this year for the weather. I am so not looking forward to the electric bill with the a/c running. Or our next water bill. We filled a 30 inch high by 10 foot across pool this past month. That pool sure has been a blessing though. Great exercise and time has been spent with the kids in it.

My cherry tomatoes are starting to ripen. It’s too hot for the tomatoes to set blossoms right now so there will be a lull after what is already fruited ripens to more. My pepper have exploded with fruit too. HubbaHubba’s hot peppers have beyond exploded. The Serrano pepper plant has more than eleven peppers on it. The banana peppers are loaded and one of our bell peppers is needing staked up because it is so top heavy at the moment. HubbaHubba is sure looking forward to making his own hot sauce and pickling the banana peppers. I have some melons in and they are growing slowly so I’ll probably have them in August ready to pick. I can’t wait. Next year I’m going to have to plant some honeydew for HubbaHubba as that is his favorite melon. This year we have cantaloupe and watermelons.

This past week we ate a lot of take out. It was just such a crazy week. I tried to plan for it, and the girls and I did eat at home before heading to VBS, but with dinner being at four, they were starving by the time it was over at 8:30 and HubbaHubba needed to eat too as we picked him up from work on our way to the church. I got to keep the car most of this week (today is the first day I’ve not had it) as he’s had to be to work well before 7 in the morning for a job an hour away, so he got picked up by a coworker so the girls and I could at least make it to VBS if he didn’t get back in town on time.

The girls get one more week of summer break before we start back to doing school. They keep asking me when school is going to start again as they are getting rather bored and out of sorts with the lack of that routine. I thought of starting it Monday, however with the 4th of July in the middle of the week and then our wedding anniversary the following weekend, we decided that it would be better to wait until July 9th. Gives me an extra week to plan out our first six week term anyway.

I did get July’s monthly meal plan made yesterday. And got most of the kitchen caught up from not being home (how in the world does the house get so messy when we aren’t here? Are there mess making elves that come when no one’s home?). The living room is picked up again. Have to put yesterday’s emergency load of laundry away. I hate handling it after it gets taken out of the dryer as it just exudes so much heat. I would hang them out if I had a clothes line. Maybe I’ll ask for that for an anniversary present this year. Wonder where I would put such a thing in our back yard though…I think I’m going to go price the umbrella type I grew up with now.

So, there’s the synopsis of our crazy goings on. Hope your are having a blessed summer and are finding ways to stay cool.

Mar 112011

I decided perhaps it was time to link up my weeks in review with a meme.  So, I know of several people who link up at the Weekly Wrap Up over at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers and decided that since we are weird, and rather unsocialized I should link up there….

So, this week tanked pretty much. I had plans, hopes and dreams.  Then Daddy brought home a sinus virus from I’m guessing work.  Thank you Daddy…

It should have been a clue when Hubbs woke up Sunday morning feeling horrid.  He had a headache, his sinuses were pounding, and my extremely hot blooded man was freezing cold and had burritoed himself in the down comforter on the bed (that never happens…) We ended up staying home from church so as to not share.

Well, we ended up with a lesson in sharing within the family. Monday, we were still fine.  Bugs conned me into setting up our folding picnic table in the living room to do school on. So, we set out school.  She worked on her lesson in Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading, we sounded out some words together, worked on her Developing the Early Learner Workbooks and then she begged to play GCompris on the computer (we use Ubuntu Linux, GCompris is an educational software suite on it). So I let her and she had a very fun afternoon. Beans worked on her All About Reading that we are getting to review, and had a blast with her workbook pages.

Tuesday, Bugs wakes up way too early and sounds a little stuffy. She is slower than molasses and can not concentrate to sound out rhyming words at all.  These are all words she has read before (ran, can, etc). We trudge through our workbook and she is cranky and obnoxious the rest of the day.  Beans does her work and seems to be fine.

Wednesday, the girls wake up, and Bugs and Beans both have noses that look like leaky faucets.  Beans is using me for a tissue, and both seem to be barely functioning.  We call school off for the day. I figured we hadn’t taken a sick day since last semester and there was no way they could handle cognant thought at all.  They both actually take long naps that afternoon!

Thursday, they wake up feeling fine.  I wake up feeling like I had been hit by a truck.  So, in the name of their safety I hauled the laptop into our bedroom and let them watch movies nearly all day. I was barely conscious for it. So school was canceled due to the lack of a substitute teacher. By the evening I was starting to feel better, so Hubbs and the girls and I went grocery shopping.  While in the pet section of Wally World, they had yellow spotted puffer fish for sale. We had just done a unit study on puffers for the Crew (Curiosity Files, the girls LOVED it) so at least they had a bit of science for the day.  At Wal-Mart of all places….They really liked seeing them.  Hubbs decided he wants a few because of how neat they look. Now to find a place to actually put up my old ten gallon aquarium as the small little puffers won’t get along too well with our tank of rather large fancy goldfish.

This morning, I’m getting ready to start school when Hubbs calls from work.  Someone decided to pay his way to the Church’s men’s retreat for tonight and tomorrow if he could go, could he? Of course I said to take the opportunity.  He said he would come home on his lunch break and pack his overnight stuff.  I decided since what I knew he wanted packed needed washed, I would wash it all up and just pack for him (trust me, it is much better if I pack for him….oh the stories I could tell…) So, since the girls still aren’t quite 100% yet and I had a bunch of extra work all of a sudden, we took today off to. Besides, I didn’t know when Hubbs was going to be getting home so I could take him back to work (his ride was leaving from his work) and I wanted the girls to have time with their daddy. We didn’t discuss the earthquake in Japan or the tsunami, they aren’t quite old enough I think yet (4.5 and 3) and I’m not sure I’m ready to introduce such heartache into their lives.  Let them live oblivious to it a bit longer. I wish I could keep horrid things from them forever, but I can’t, and I know they have had to learn about some things already (like death, that is always hard.).

Needless to say my house is also rather trashed.  Beans only wanted me to hold her since Wednesday basically. Bugs wanted to snuggle. Then I was struck down and then nothing got done today for housework.  Blech.  At least I have all day tomorrow to catch up with Hubbs gone for the retreat. And I even have the car!!!!!!  Maybe we’ll race ourselves in picking up and sterilizing the kitchen so we can go do something fun tomorrow afternoon after lunch. I haven’t had access to the car like this for ages. We normally all go together anywhere on the weekends, and I don’t have it during the day typically through the week because he needs it for work.

So, there is our week in review.  Not a whole lot this week.  Next week, it is supposed to be nicer outside and hopefully our backyard will dry out enough so we can go look for insects.

So, go visit Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers and see what everyone else is up to..

Jan 202011

Wow, two weeks down of school basically this year. I can’t believe it.

Last wee, we were working on our memory verse, and Bugs insisted it was Aversions 6:2.  We were working on Ephesians 6:2….It took three days to get it straight finally. But man, it sure was funny!

The public school children had two snow days the start of last week. As homeschoolers, we didn’t take the snow days.  Even though on the second public school snow day (taken because it was so cold, not because the snow was blowing) I gave the Bugs the option of skipping school for the day and she insisted on doing it anyway. No big deal. She loves doing school.

So far, we are ahead in the main things. We are doing the Developing the Early Learner workbook series.  Over our Christmas break, we misplaced book 2 somehow…..So, since we were nearly done with it anyway, we went ahead and started book 3. We were scheduled in our curriculum to start it on Friday the 14th but went ahead and started the Monday before so she could do some workbook.  As of this writing, we are close to a fourth of the way through this 60 page workbook….Once the Bugs starts on a few pages, she insists on doing more. And more. And more. We are a bit ahead on phonics instruction too.  Though we’ve had a few days when we just couldn’t remember the sounds we knew the day before. On Friday of last week, Bugs came in and woke us parents up and we quizzed her on some sounds that words start with and what letter makes that sound and she got the letter C and it’s sound correct.  Later during school, she is shown the C flashcard and looks at me and pulls whatever sounds she wants to say and then informs me that since she told me and Hubbs this morning she didn’t need to do it again. We had quite the talk about doing our work, even if it is boring or seems strange to keep answering the same thing again and again (I could just imagine that one in a public school classroom.  The letters and phone calls I would be getting…)

Since we are doing Sonlight’s P 4/5 this year, the read alouds are pretty much on target.  For this core, the read alouds consist pretty much of different short stories, Mother Goose rhymes and things like that. Honestly, not a big deal if we end up having to skip a day or so and we can’t catch it back up.

Today I re-introduced handwriting.  My desire was to teach cursive first.  I have taught in schools before (private Christian schools) and the first one I taught at, we introduced cursive writing in kindergarten.  Those children had the most beautiful penmanship, and I agree with the cursive first philosophy.  The second school didn’t teach cursive until second grade, and since I taught a combined first and second classroom, I went ahead and let the first graders learn it too.  The first graders had better handwriting in cursive than my second graders did. I had tried a bit of cursive with the Bugs, but her fine motor skills, while still in the normal range, are on the slower end of normal.  Not a big deal since she spent her early developmental time working on her brains (believe me, this child is smart). So after failing before Christmas to try cursive with her, I went ahead and tried some print.  It was a good decision.  Today we did the capital A. After showing her three times, she started on her own, and let me tell you, she did beautifully! I was so surprised. She then went a bit A crazy and wrote A anywhere she could.  Even on some unlined paper and those were nicely done too. I guess that she was ready, and print is the way to go with this child.  I don’t know what we’ll be doing with the Beans yet though.  Guess it is too early to tell.  Though, she was sitting with us for handwriting time and decided she needed to try it too.  So I got her out some paper and showed her how to make her A. She made a few fairly nice Hs and then turned them into people. Then insisted I needed to draw dresses and shoes on them….Yeah, I can’t draw. She loved the pitiful result though.

This week we are also working on a review item for the TOS Crew.  Be looking for that review February 11th. I have another review item I’m needing to get downloaded but that has to wait until my husband is home from work so he can install it on the main CPU.  It runs Windows still and the laptop no longer does.  And for some strange reason, very few things are installable on a Linux based device like schooling helps.  It is rather annoying because we would love to give up using Windows totally but can’t because of a few things that aren’t compatible that we use. Oh well, in a perfect world…

Right now, the Beans is having massive jealousy issues with me and the Bugs and school.  I try and do something with her before we start school and she’ll have nothing to do with it.  So, then I start school and she’s trying to crawl into my lap between me, her sister and whatever book we are reading and will grab my face and try blocking my view of the book. If we are at the table working on handwriting or something, she’ll come in and try to stop me and force me to pay total attention to her.  I’ve tried diverting her attention elsewhere, tried spending time with just her before we start school, tried doing something for just us after school,tried giving her her own “school”  but nothing seems to be working.  Bugs works best in the morning not too long after breakfast, we’ve tried doing school after lunch while sister is having her “nap” time (she’s been starting to give up her nap recently) and that doesn’t work.  Bugs is wearing down a bit by then and her attention isn’t there anymore (have to admit, by that time in the day, I’m not wanting to do much either).  Do you deal with this too?  Please share what you do to curb the attention hogging behavior of your littles while trying to do school with the bigger ones.

So, that’s where we are at the moment.  Plugging along and doing quite well. How are you going? Feel free to share.  Or even tell of something really great you’ve found.  I’m still looking for options for next year! (but then, I love looking through curriculum, I’m kind of crazy like that…).

Weekly Update 1/14

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Jan 142011

Well, after a week of blah, things are starting to perk up.

School is going great.  Bugs is ahead by close to three weeks in her Developing the Early Learner workbook number 3.  That child loves those books.  We are on target with the other lesson plans too in regards to phonics lessons and read alouds. Beans has started begging for school too.  Makes my heart glad 🙂

Housekeeping is and always shall be a work in progress.  We didn’t get the living room and front bedroom furniture switch done last weekend (the weekend of the 8th) as my washer decided to act up and we had to take that apart and clean out some hoses.  Which then put me behind in cleaning the kitchen (still catching that up) and laundry and working on the living room. Then, we spent Sunday sleepy and doing a few things to prepare for the winter storm we got nailed with (it really wasn’t that bad of one) on Monday on into Tuesday. It has been freezing.

Which means, we haven’t started our exercise program yet. We don’t have room in the living room to assume plank position.  Ok, I do because I’m short, but my husband doesn’t and we want to do this together each morning. The way the furniture is arranged right now doesn’t work (he’s over a foot taller than me…) So, this weekend’s agenda (no winter storms coming in, and I hope nothing else appliance wise breaks) will be swapping a few things around. Like putting Hubb’s roll top desk in to the front room, taking my small antique teacher’s desk out, moving the sofa and ottoman to new locations and putting the recliner into the front room and the recliner from our bedroom into the front room and putting the cedar chest from the front room into our room.

Next week is to be totally revamping our bedroom.  It is in desperate need of a deep clean, toy purge (how they all end up in there…) and perhaps even some rearranging. Granted there isn’t a lot we can do, we have two spots to put the bed and I don’t really like either of them (against the two exterior walls, one wall is a closet, the other wall is against the girls’ room (and there is a bifold door between us, which I have my tall dresser against right now along with a nail in the wall with speaker wire wrapped around it and the door knob to keep it closed. I wish I knew what they were thinking when they put that door in…)

So, there is the weekly wrap update for the second full week of the year.  It’s a work in progress.  But then, I think it always will be..