Sep 122013

A small update on the goings on of this clan…I’m sure you all have been waiting with baited breath.

I am so thankful that summer is basically over. This summer has chalked up to have been pretty bad. We were going to continue to school through the summer but that got thrown out the window after my mom’s cancer diagnosis and subsequent death, my MIL moving to town and having to fix a massive leak in our bathroom.  And when I say massive leak, I mean a massive leak. Like five gallons an hour….Yeah, my water bill shrunk drastically after that one.

Labor Day weekend was the big moving truck to my MIL’s house in town from three hours away. We’ve spent a lot of the last week and a half helping her unpack. Today is only the third day since then that I’ve gotten to stay home all day long trying to tackle the massive amount of my housework that has piled up…And I mean massive.

We started school again this past Monday finally. Well, book work. Life is basically school in my opinion. This year, the girls are working with Horizons Math (Bugs in 1, Beans will be redoing K book 2), Explode the Code (finally found a phonics program that doesn’t drive the eldest to tears!!!!!), I still have to order our extra subjects…cash has been rather tight. But I will be getting Mystery of History volume 3 yet. We have Eat Your Way Around the World to be an introduction to cultures of the world which we will tie into geography and missions. At church, we are currently doing The Story so I will be using that for part of our Bible, adding in the second in the What we Believe series by Apologia and am still looking for something else to go with it. I’m thinking the Grapevine Studies would be good for the girls. I’m also considering an art course on DVD for the eldest. She loves that sort of stuff. And since we hardly made a dent in the Apologia Exploring Creation with Botany last year, we will do that again.

Today I finally made it below 230 pounds. Most of you don’t know but I’m a rather large short person. I topped out at nearly 260 lbs in the last few years. Yeah, that wasn’t good. I learned of Trim Healthy Mama back about Christmas time and was intrigued. I finally got the book in March. Since following pretty strictly in April (well, except for the massive amount of traveling, during the chaos of my mom’s death and funeral and several meals on those nights when we were too busy to remember to start supper) I have dropped below 230 as of this morning. I am trying to hit 199 by Christmas. Hitting that for my birthday would be even better, but that is in mid November and I’m not sure I can quite hit that.  I hope to be blogging more of my THM journey to encourage others who are in the same boat I was in. I was always told by my family that I was destined to be large unless I got the gastric bypass surgery, that trying to lose the weight was pointless because it would just come back on like so many of my extended family members. THM is a lifestyle, not a diet. And one that I know I can stay on for the rest of my life. I have way more energy, I’m losing weight I thought I would never have come off, I’m having to replace my clothes for smaller sizes already, I feel terrific, my hormones are balancing themselves back out after years of being haywire. I am a THMer for life. So keep an eye out for THM updates, recipes and such and hopefully I will be able to start linking up on the Trim Healthy Tuesdays link up over at Stacy Makes Cents.

So, what’s been up with you?