Udderly Smooth Lotions, A Mosaics Review

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Dec 272013



I have always had rather sensitive skin. My mom couldn’t use most laundry detergents with me, there were only three brands of bath soap I could use. And growing up, most lotions were totally unusable for me with the fragrances.

I’m a mom now, and my youngest has also inherited my super sensitive skin issues so I am very limited on the types of products I can use on her and in the house. I had one brand of lotion I could use on her without her skin breaking out in rough orangish colored dry patches and her scratching so bad she would cry.

Enter now Udderly Smooth lotions. I now have a second option to use on the Bean’s tender skin.

I am absolutely in love with this stuff. The lotions and creams all spread easily, absorb quickly into the skin, and they really do soften up tough to hydrate skin.


I don’t have pics of my heels. Suffice it to say, I will peal chunks of dead skin off my heals at times. The Udderly Smooth Foot Cream is thick, feels smooth to rub it in and is the only thing I’ve ever had success with in treating my dry cracked heals (which trust me, you really would be wishing for the mind bleach if I posted pictures of my feet and nasty heels)


I also love the heavier body cream. It works great on the dry itchiness that is common for me this time of year. It also is super absorbant, non-greasy and the light scent reminds me of sunblock. Which takes me back to memories of great summer experciences (and I find that scent as a light mood booster, which is nice during the winter doldrums).

Udderly Smooth has proven to be quite a skin saver for my family. If you have dry skin this time of year (and if you live in the Northern Hemisphere and are running your heater this time of year, chances are you have some dry skin someplace) I highly suggest you purchase some to moisturize your skin and make you feel soft and silky. My husband loves it when I use this on myself. Perhaps yours would too!


To see more about Udderly Smooth, go visit their WEBSITE! And HERE to see a list of where to buy this wonderful lotion.

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A Tale of Two Kingdoms, a Mosaics Review

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Dec 092013

I was very highly impressed with A Tale of Two Kingdoms by Heather A. Kendall. This devotional book, aimed for high school and above is so unlike any other devotional/study for students than I have ever seen. This book is not full of fluff like so many others are.

A Tale of Two Kingdoms examines the interplay of the Kingdom of God with Satan from the beginning of the scriptures. This book is extremely well researched and is very deep. It is very similar to the textbooks I used back in Bible college. This is an excellent overview of the Bible, one that I can not wait until my children are old enough to use. While it is written so everyone can read and understand (unlike some tomes of hard to grasp theology), it doesn’t talk down to the reader nor is filled with fluff. This book is full of meat that needs to be thought about and contemplated on.

I really appreciate how A Tale of Two Kingdoms examines how Salvation had to come through Christ, how it was foretold and prepared for in the Old Testament, fulfilled within the New Testament, the history of the early church and what we can look forward to in heaven. So many forget that the Old Testament relates to our Salvation just as much as the New Testament does. It was wonderful to get to examine the story of Salvation through the entirety of the scriptures.

This book will make a great one or two semester study of the Bible for your high school students, or used as a guide for youth groups, family devotions or a Sunday School/Wednesday night church class. I highly reccommend getting a copy today for yourself.

You can check out HEATHER’S WEBSITE to get your copy of the book.

And you can READ HER BLOG

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Typecrush-A Mosaics Review

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Aug 092013


My husband and I love word games. When we got married we would have tournaments involving a popular word board game and come up with all sorts of themes, rules and variations to play.

Then we were blessed with two vibrant active children and our game times were all but eliminated. We just didn’t have the time to drag out a game board and spend a few hours playing together like we used to. And when we do have the time, we were too exhausted to put forth the effort.



Recently, we heard about Typecrush. Typecrush is a word game like none other. Each letter is color coded according to it’s frequency of use in the English language. The tiles are circular and there is no game board. Pretty much the only rule is that whomever solves the word gets to lay down the next word. Someone decides on a word, lays it out upside down and the opponent guesses what the word is, the color of the tiles helps to determine what letters were used. The rest of the game is totally up to the players.


Aimed for ages about 7 and up, but you can easily adapt it for younger children. And what is even better, is that you can play with however many people you want. Giant fun game hangman style? Do it! (that will really get the kids going!) Want to keep score? Figure out your own scoring system. When HubbaHubba and I played we scored it like a game of golf in reverse. Length of word was what you could score, each wrong letter guess got a point taken off. If you guessed the word with letters yet to be flipped, those were worth two points each. You can score it any way you want if you are into that sort of thing yourself. Or even use pennies to keep track of score, or small candies.

HubbaHubba and I also chose a few themes that we had to base our words on when we played. One night it was all words that you could associate with marriage. You can choose any theme you want, or no theme at all. What about going through and using it to reinforce your childrens’ spelling or vocabulary words? The options are as limited as your ideas.


I am so looking forward to using Typecrush in our homeschool this year. It will add a fun new dimension to our spelling lessons! Very hands-on, great for the kinestetic learner in your group. Who said spelling is only boring repetitious drills? It isn’t with Typecrush!

I absolutely love how adaptable this game is for different playing styles, educationally, and even for different abled individuals. I have never seen such an open ended, full of possibilities game as this before. It is an extremely welcome addition not just for our school, but also for fun family game nights, and time spent laughing with HubbaHubba after our two little sweetums are tucked into bed. Each time we’ve played it, we’ve played it differently. I am normally a rules oriented person (gee, I’m not a first born am I?) but I have found the fun in chucking the “rules” when playing this game.


You can find Typecrush at their WEBSITE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, and PINTEREST. The game can be purchased online from Typecrush for $25.00 currently with free shipping. You can’t go to a movie as a family for that price anymore, and this will bring way more long term fun and enjoyment.

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Leap Frog Stationary Products, a Mosaics Review

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Aug 062013


The Beans hates to work on her math. I am probably safe to say that math is her absolute least favorite subject at this point. At the end of last school year, she would start to cry when it was math time.


Imagine my utter shock and surprise when she started asking to do her math with the Leap Frog products that are now available from Mega Brands America.

The new Leap Frog products by Mega Brands America are what Beans needed to not be terrified of math apparently. We received the workbooks for the K/1st age range, and these were right at where she was in math at the end of last year. The work book is engaging and has short segments per page, the flash cards are easy to use (and notched on one corner so you know which side you’ve done), they have a great rewards chart system that you can totally customize with the goals you set for your wee learner and what child in the kindergarten age can resist write off dry erase work? I couldn’t pry the math and the handwriting dry erase boards out of the Beans’ hands for days after our package arrived in the mail. In fact, she took them with her everywhere, so proud she was of her “homework.” We lost the first dry erase marker and did have to go out and buy another set. After I replaced the markers, it was several more days before she would put her homework down.


Mega Brands America produces stationary such as this geared to reinforce what your child is learning and makes it fun. You can find the Leap Frog products in with the stationary and writing utensils at many mass retailers (Wal-Mart, Target, JoAnns, OfficeMax, Michaels and Toys R Us) with a recommended MSRP of .99 to 24.99 for ages three and up, so you will be able to find something in your price range for your little scholar. To see what other’s had to say about this product, go visit Mosaic Reviews!


Jun 182013



My girls love picture books and to be read to. I enjoy reading to them and so does HubbaHubba. We were thrilled to receive Apologia’s newest offering in world view to read out loud to our children, How Do We Know God Is Really There? by Melissa Cain Travis and Illustrated by Christopher Voss . We love Apologia’s products and were so excited to see a book introducing world view for children so young.


This book isn’t what I expected exactly. Well, I wasn’t really expecting a book about space, Edwin Hubble and about how space points to the Creator. With a title of How Do We Know God is Really There? I was expecting something a bit more broad or across several different ways to know that God is there than just the focus on space.

That being said, I did like the book. I liked how it explained how things in space are moving away from each other, the history of the Hubble telescope (which, we live close to Edwin Hubble’s birth place. I may have to look into a field trip) and how it includes Psalm 91. The heavens do declare the glory of God, of that I have no doubt.

Thomas and his father were believable as characters to explain the story and the truth within. Thomas was someone about the age of the Bugs and she could relate to him and his questions (this is the child whom at the age of three asked if God is good, then why did He let the bad tornado happen). His dad did an incredible (well, Melissa Cain Travis, the author really did the explaining) astronomy and physics on a level that young children can understand easily.  Beans really enjoyed the story. In fact, she loved it so much, she has commandeered the book for herself and I can not locate it currently for any pictures of them enjoying it…Yeah, when my girls really like something, they really like something and you know it because they have put it in a “safe” place and us parents can’t find it. She’ll bring it out when she wants us to read it to her again.

I liked how big and flowing the pictures were in the book. The illustrator was Christopher Voss. The pictures grabbed your attention, related to the story very well and were very colorful.

If your little one loves space, then you may want to get this book for them. You can easily tie this in with your studies on space, world view and even biographies.

You can purchase this book at Apologia.