Jan 082014

Yes, I realize we are on January 8th right now and I should have probably gotten my resolutions/word for the year post done last week. Having HubbaHubba home for nearly two weeks, a weird round of winter weather hit, and our plans for the holidays get up-ended twice threw me for a loop and a half…Then we all took turns with a super severe cold that threw us intermittently into bed. Yes, it was a rather interesting holiday break for us.

I have been choosing a word to focus on for the year the last couple of years. This year, I have chosen the word Legacy. I want to remember that everything I do is leaving a legacy for my children. All of my choices for my personal life leave a legacy for them, my marriage to HubbaHubba is leaving a legacy, my choices in food, housekeeping, education, all contributes to the legacy I’m leaving them. I want them to have a terrific legacy. A legacy that I wasn’t given. I want better for them, so each decision I make, I am weighing the outcome to how it will affect my girls when they are my age and beyond. I want them to have a legacy of love, hope, joy, peace, diligence, health. And what I pass down to them is totally up to me.

I haven’t made resolutions for years. I hated breaking them in the first few days. However, I’ve come to realize that without goals and plan, nothing gets done….so, this year, I intend to:

Work on the women’s mentorship/education website I have dreamed of having for the last few years. I’m trying to settle on web design this month for it and figuring out the features and how I want it to work so my web designer can finally get to work on this rather huge project…

Continue towards a healthier me. I started Trim Healthy Mama last year in the spring. I had several weeks where I couldn’t stay on this incredible plan due to life throwing me curve ball after curve ball, but in about the seven months I was fairly faithful, I have managed to lose 40 pounds. At least 80 more to go, and with extra diligence and work, I think I can get most of it off in the next 12 months. I also got T-Tapp for working out, I need to be way more diligent on using it…I’ve seen the results of these workouts, they are way more friendly than harder ones, and I know I can do it, I just have to be more purposeful in setting aside the time to do it.

What are your goals for this year? Do you chose a word to focus on?

What is My Legacy to My Children?

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Nov 112013

We recently were blessed to attend Dave Ramsey’s Legacy Journey Live in Tulsa. It was an incredible evening of learning how to lay a financial legacy of blessing to our family and those around us. The evening was full of practical application, tons of information, great stories, illustrations and fun. Who knew learning about financial things could be construed as fun, right? It was enlightening and really lit a fire under us to leave a legacy of generosity and blessing.

As the evening wore on, I kept getting more and more excited. This theme of Legacy applies to so much more than finances. And it struck me, we leave a legacy in everything we do. Not just when we die and what we leave behind in our wills.

If you’ve been reading much on here, I’ve hinted that I didn’t have the world’s most perfect family growing up. I was taught that I wasn’t worth much. Following my dreams and what I wanted to do in life would be a waste of time and be selfish to pursue. I was never allowed to know the details of the family’s finances, every time I asked I was told it was none of my business. Nothing I did was every truly celebrated, not graduating high school, not gaining entry to the college of my choice, getting married and giving birth to the grandchildren, it was all treated as if it was nothing too incredibly special (if it wasn’t blown off totally). I wasn’t even allowed to have birthday parties as a child. I was told that birthday parties are nothing more than telling people you want attention and gifts and doing so would be selfish.

It has taken me years to get to a point where I feel good about myself. I no longer have the continuous low sense of self-worth that was bequeathed to me (I still have times where I have to fight reverting back, but I have learned and am accepting of the fact that I am a child of God who’s life does matter and has meaning and a purpose. It is quite a journey and some days are harder than others for sure, but I’m not where I was).
Since I have come so far (finally. It didn’t happen overnight, and it is a process that I go through sometimes daily still) I started to think about my children. What kind of a legacy am I leaving for them? Am I purposefully living a life that gives them a legacy of belonging, love and faith? Or am I destroying them and their sense of who they are?
These past few years have been quite a journey (not just for me, but also for my husband who has been the most amazing support for me during the rough patches, and my greatest cheerleader, the man who believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself, my children as change and grow and even with my extended relatives and friends) and I don’t wish for my children to have to start where I did. So what do I do to give them a head start on living the life they have been called to live?

The answer isn’t simple, nor is it easy. I live my life with their Legacy in mind. I want to leave them a legacy full of blessing, wholeness, love and faith.

And how do I go about that? By being intentional. Welcome to a series of posts that was created the night I attended Dave Ramsey’s Legacy Journey Life in Tulsa. Living intentionally with the end in mind is what I have purposed to do and to share about in the coming weeks. Thank you for following along on this journey.