I’m Home

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Dec 212015

Life sure takes many twists and turns in life it seems.

We’re finally nearly all settled in our new home. Never, in a million years would i have dreamed we could be settled on nearly three and a half acres in a house about twice the size we were crammed in. We have room to live without tripping over each other. The house isn’t crammed full of items that have literally no place to go.

I have an actual laundry/mud room now.

I can send the girls outside to play without worrying about who might have just moved into the rent by the week apartments next door or police chases through the alley. Or having federal snipers the next block over along with a full blockade trying to take in a guy on federal warrants. Now our excitement consists of watching one neighbor’s baby goats frolic in the pasture. The neighbor’s across the lane have a horse that loves getting pet. Then there was the evening they had friends picking up a horse they were horse-sitting and the yearling they brought along to get used to the trailer got out and ran off.


Right now, the girls are outside blowing bubbles, pretending it is snowing. Hubby got an unexpected day of and he is out cutting down a locust tree. I’m thinking of using the thorns to make crown of thorns for Easter. We have a lot of locust trees to take down. I’m supposed to be making the menu and grocery list for Christmas.

I can’t wait for spring. I’m planning my future poultry order. Can’t wait for fresh eggs and meat. We’re considering a few goats of our own. And i need to research beekeeping. We’re going to slowly build a good vegetable garden.

This is the first home I’ve lived in for a good twenty years, where i feel like I’m at home. At least my temporary earthly home. But this feeling of being where I belong is wonderful. I’ve not felt at home in any of the places I’ve lived in many, many years. I feel welcome and safe in my own house. Peace and contentment floods me everyday here.

Merry Christmas from Created for Home and Kairos Acres and Academy. May your season be blessed as ours is.

Balanced by Tricia Goyer, a Review

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Mar 112014

In accordance with the FTC, I was given a copy of Balanced by Tricia Goyer for review as part of her launch team. All opinions are mine and mine alone, no other compensation was received.

I am a stay at home mom. My days are spent homeschooling the girls, keeping up the house and wondering how in the world it is the end of the day already and it seems I have gotten nothing accomplished. I have dreams of several big projects that have been swimming in my head for several years now. This blog being one of them. Yet, it seems that when I sit and work on my dreams, the house falls apart, the girls need something right that minute, and the doubts come creeping in that maybe my dreams really don’t matter. Then things seem to settle down in our lives (can we say the last year and a half has been super chaotic at times?) and I make plans to start working on my dreams and another surprise comes down the pike at full speed.

Tricia Goyer wrote Balanced to show that it is possible to live out the dreams that God has placed in your life while being a mom (and homeschooling), a wife, volunteer and living the life we are called to. She makes no bones about it being easy, but lays out the foundations for us women who work at home in any capacity to show us that with the proper attitude and priority we can get more done. This book is centered on faith and being grounded in God and how everything else stems from there.

Be encouraged, you can work from home successfully as a super busy wife and mother. It isn’t some elusive dream that is unattainable until you finally drop your last child off at college. My girls are 7 and 6 now, they are in the super hands-on stage of homeschooling for me, I have a house to take care of, meals to cook, groceries to buy, and in October a new baby to add to the mix. I know the journey towards the fulfillment of the dreams God has given me will never be easy. It will always be easier to just put it off until later. But later never comes. Balanced has given me the hope that even though life keeps happening, there is still time for dreams I have in my heart.

Grab yourself a copy of this book if you are wondering how in the world you can get anything done with your life. You will be so glad you did. This book blessed me beyond words and it will do the same for you.

Sep 202013

I am so tired of clutter.

I don’t know about you, but we have too much stuff in our house.

And it is past time to do something about it.

October is nearly here. Then comes the busy season of holidays. Anyone want to purge a room a week in their homes in preparation for the winter season? A room a week is doable.

So from October 1-7, the focus is on making the living room a warm welcoming haven to your family and guests.

October 8-14 will be the kitchen. Get rid of those appliances you don’t use, all those extra plastic containers taking up room, rearrange the silverware drawer if you’ve been putting it off. Organize the canned goods. Make it a joy to walk into your kitchen in the mornings to start that coffee maker (or tea kettle if you are like me and use a French Press).

October 15-21 will be clean out that bathroom! Trash those half used bottles of shampoo, that perfume you were given that you hate and all that really old makeup. Make your bathroom a nice relaxing place to take a hot bath in. Is there something small you could do to make it more inviting? What about candles, replacing the dingy shower curtain?

And October 22-28 is clean out your master bedroom! Ditch all those magazines sitting beside the bed waiting to be read, purge the tops of the dressers, fluff up the pillows and make it a retreat for you and your hubby.  Make your room a place you want to go to at the end of the day.

So, who’s in? I won’t make you take before pictures as I really don’t want to take the before pics of my house after the insanity of this past summer…Yeah, my house is really embarrassing currently.  I will do a link up if anyone is interested in joining in!

Apr 152013

I use a lot of vinegar for cleaning in my home. I find it does just as good of a job if not better than the chemical cocktail cleaners you buy at the store, and it is so much cheaper. Add in the fact that it doesn’t aggrevate my migraines or cause other allergic reactions in my family, it is a great deal for us health-wise too.

However, I really don’t like the smell of regular vinegar. My husband doesn’t either. In fact, he absolutely can’t stand the smell of vinegar. Which, is mainly my fault. You see, when we were in college, we got into a prank war….I left an open bowl of sauerkraut in his closed up car in the late spring for about three days…Granted, I didn’t think he wouldn’t go anywhere for that long and that it would have been found well before then…But to say that he wasn’t impressed is an understatement (and he still married me, believe it or not. And before you jump on my case for something so “mean” let me say, he did some pretty good ones too).

While I can tolerate the scent of vinegar (and I know that it normally doesn’t take too long to dissipate), I did find myself wishing for something that would have a better scent to it. I read somewhere online (couldn’t tell you where) that you can take orange peels and put them in a bottle, dump vinegar on them and let it soak and you get orange scented vinegar. I decided to try it, and low and behold, it worked. I just added orange peels as my girls ate oranges (mainly cuties, a few tangerines got in too) and let it sit for about three weeks. I left the peels in and just pour some of the vinegar out when I am needing to clean.

It works like a charm. The vinegar combined with the orange leaves a nicer scent behind. It helps to clean beautifully too, plus I get the purported benefits of the orange oils that have seeped out of the peels. You can look and find articles online about how good orange oils are for you and for cleaning.

If orange doesn’t work for you, you could try lemon or even lime peels (or why not a combo for a fun citrus scent so you can at least pretend you are in the tropics). And I have mixed up a spray bottle of half vinegar and water plus about fifteen drops of a thieves/germ fighter essential oil blend and added some peppermint essential oil to it to make it smell a bit better. That stuff cleans very well too, especially in the bathroom.

I think if my lavender takes off this year (I’m sprouting some, we’ll see how they grow) I may make some lavender infused vinegar for cleaning later and perhaps even mix in some eucalyptus oil or tea tree or rosemary with it. The possibilities are near endless with this project. I may like it even more than when I made my own homemade enzyme cleaner!

Feb 112013

We are well into February now. I know a lot of people’s New Year’s resolutions included things like healthier eating, losing weight and being healthier from a holistic perspective. And I know that by this time of the year, a lot of people have fallen off the wagon (or just decided to take a flying leap) for healthy living.

Let me introduce you to something that may make you jump back on the wagon.

Black background, NuNaturals logo

NuNaturals Stevia is a great way to get back on to the healthy living wagon.

2 oz bottle of lemon flavored liquid stevia

NuNaturals is a liquid stevia blend (they also have powder packets) that is non bitter, disolves well in cold beverages, mixes beautifully in yogurt and can be used where ever you would want to add a bit of sweetness. The liquid stevia is all alcohol free and even comes in orange, lemon, peppermint, vanilla and even chocolate along with unflavored. They also sell baking blend stevia, stevia packets, and a prebiotic blend.

2 oz bottle orange liquid stevia

Stevia is much, much, much sweeter than regular sugar. In fact, you only use about an eighth of stevia versus sugar to get the same amount of sweetness. So while the initial cost of NuNaturals may seem steep at first, you use so little at a time that the price is comparable.

2 oz bottle of peppermint liquid stevia

Stevia also doesn’t cause a spike in blood sugar, so those who have conditions where it is advised to avoid eating sweets and carbohydrates that do raise the blood sugar can use stevia safely in place of sugar.

I received the orange, lemon, vanilla, peppermint and regular liquid from NuNaturals along with their stevia packets and a container of their prebiotic blend. The prebiotic blend works great when adding it to plain yogurt, cookies, anyplace where you would use sugar (unless the amount of sugar called for is to also help increase the bulk of what you are making. If you substitute, you could end up with a bit less of what you are making).

My husband liked adding the peppermint liquid stevia to his bottle of water that he takes to work. Peppermint works as a nice natural stimulant and it helped to keep his mind clear as he stared at a computer screen all day (he works in IT…) He also is a fan of orange cream, so a large glass of water mixed with a few drops of the orange and vanilla liquid blends made an orange cream flavored drink for him whenever he wanted it.

I added the peppermint to homemade hot chocolate. It felt so decadent drinking it on the cold morning I first made it.

The packets are terrific for stashing in your purse or the glove box of your car to add to tea while you are out and about. I’ve noticed recently that the sweet tea at a lot of places is just too sweet tasting any more for me, but I like my tea with some sweet to it, so if I get the unsweetened, I can add the NuNaturals stevia packet to it and make it taste just the way I want it to. And they are great in making chia seed pudding! (soak chia seeds in milk, add some cocoa powder and stevia to taste. I love it)

You can find out more about NuStevia by visiting their WEBSITE or FACEBOOK page.

NuNaturals is currently offering a discount code available until June 30, 2013 for 15% off your entire order! How’s that for taking care of their customers? Just enter BLG0613 at checkout for the discount to be applied.

AND wait, there’s more! NuNaturals hasa been so kind to offer a giveaway for my readers! Four winners will each receive a bottle of Lemon, Orange, Peppermint and Chocolate Liquid Stevia! Just fill out the Rafflecopter below and good luck! If you don’t win, trust me, you will want to purchase some of this wonderful stuff yourself! Contest ends on February 18, 2013 at 11:59 p.m.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was given a bottle each of the peppermint, orange, vanilla, lemon and regular liquid, stevia packets and prebiotic blend from NuNaturals as a part of the Christian Woman Affiliate Review Crew for the purposes of this review. All opinions are mine and mine alone, no other compensation was received. NuNaturals also provided the prizes for the giveaway. Created for Home in not responsible for lost, misdirected entries or for prize fulfillment.