Looking Back and Looking Ahead, Goals and Dreams

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Jan 022013

Ah, I meant to have a great New Year’s post up yesterday. Well, let’s say that I got busy. I woke up yesterday morning and decided that I had to start some deep cleaning…So I started tackling the kitchen. Plus the fact that HubbaHubba has been home since the week before Christmas on his break and all schedules and my version of “normal” went crazy. Don’t get me wrong, we had a great time with HubbaHubba being home, and the girls really enjoyed their daddy time, but I’m ready for our routine to begin again.

Last year didn’t go exactly how I envisioned it to be. I dreamt of having a meme each Friday here on the blog, I was convinced I was going to post more often than I did. I was going to lose a whole lot of weight and keep my home more spotless. I even chose the word discipline for my word of the year.

I failed miserably with my 52 Fridays thing. I mean miserably. I apologize. I should have planned that one out better than I did. I should have followed through on my commitment to it. I didn’t.

I didn’t lose the amount of weight I was wanting to lose. I would start an exercise program, ditch it, not be careful with what I ate. I got to review a great exercise program back last October and I did very well with that. I lost six inches off my girth that month, and believe me, I was so excited. I could notice a difference in how I looked in pictures that had been taken in the last year or so from then. However, I have not kept up with the step aerobics or even the Praise Moves my husband let me buy. I know I need to get started back on the exercise routine. I do actually enjoy the step aerobics and I am really liking the Praise Moves. I love how I feel after I have done them, especially consistently. I find that when I take the time to exercise in the mornings, I get more done during the day, I feel better physically and emotionally and I am more pleasant to be around.

I’m still working on finding a good routine for the exercising and the housework. I did finally settle on laundry days being Mondays and Fridays. That works best for me. I tried doing a little every day, but I always felt like I had never finished it and it was constantly hanging over my head. This way I know it is all done twice a week, plus the kitchen towels and other extras like curtains and bedding on their days. I am still tweaking out the cleaning rotation for the rest of the house though. I tried floors all on one day, dusting all on one day, etc. Then I tried one room a day and it always seemed like when I was working in that one room, the rest would go and explode random stuff out. So, first I am going to start a massive decluttering rampage I suppose you could say. The less stuff you have, the less you have to clean. It also helps that I found out that Hoarders has a few episodes on Hulu at the moment and my husband and I watched a few last evening. Yes, I realize that there are psychological reasons behind hoarding, I don’t think I am that bad, but I am going to do everything in my power to keep from having too much stuff. Having too many things is wasteful anyway the way my husband and I have been thinking anyway and it is time for us to downsize.

So this year, as I’m still contemplating my word or theme for the year I do know I need to incorporate more routine, more exercising and healthy/clean eating, managing the home better, more writing on the blog and being more intentional about taking the time to have fun. I’ll let you know the plan when I have one….

What are you going to do to better yourself this coming year?

Nov 012012

For the last month, I have been so blessed to have been able to use Let’s Get Stepping by Shapely Girl Fitness. I had tried and tried to get into an exercise routine that would work for me as a single car family (so going to the gym is out during the day, let alone the expense of joining one). I am thrilled to be able to tell you about this great program. If you want to get caught up on the last four posts go read Installment One, Installment Two, Installment Three and Installment Four.

Shapely Girl Fitness is the brain child of Debra Mazda, and she knows what it is like to be trapped in the cycles we women oftentimes find ourselves in. You see, she wasn’t always a thin individual. She knows what it is like to struggle with your size, have deep struggles in life and what it is like to over come them. You can read more about her story HERE

I had the choice of several different DVDs for my workouts this month and I chose the Let’s Get Stepping.I had never done step aerobics before and I thought it looked like fun. I was right! Granted I had an issue finding a decently priced aerobic stepper in town and ended up having to order one online, it was still worth it. I love how the DVD is set up with an introduction to the steps, two shorter routines, the full routine, a toning session and section called Circle Time with a great pep talk and discussion about what we face as larger women. You can chose to play any of the sections and do the workout that works best for you that day. There really is no excuse to not do the workouts at least three times a week with how they are laid out.

This program is about so much more than weight loss. It is about finding your self-worth. Working through those issues that are holding you back and being the woman you were created to be. I hadn’t really planned on going through the wringer emotionally, but I did. And in the end, working through (or starting to) those issues have helped me to see that yes, I am worth the time to do the program, it is ok to feel good about myself and I can be pretty.

While I didn’t loose much if any weight, I did lose about six inches last month from my girth. Talk about a great thing. I also gained self-worth, better posture, better endurance, more flexibility than I’ve had in ages and a few shirts that I had been given recently that were all a size too small are starting to fit me now. Talk about being wonderful. My husband has noticed that I am more stable emotionally, I’m happier and I’ve been smiling a lot more than I had been. He is really liking the changes he has seen in me since starting the program.

Debra Mazda has a start moving first, the diet will follow mindset. Which does make sense. If you go and exercise and start to treat your body well through that, you will want to eat better and better as time goes on. Why negate the wonderful thing you’ve done for yourself by inserting a bunch of junk food? I’ve also found that my cravings for carbs has decreased since starting on this journey, which I know will be beneficial in the long run.

If step aerobics aren’t quite your thing, she also has a walking DVD, and cardio to choose from. And they are very reasonably priced (way cheaper than a month at the gym). Debra’s style is kind and supportive (unlike several other exercise videos that I’ve tried that did nothing other than make me feel fatter than I already am and demoralized from the tone of voice and choice of language used). Debra is so encouraging through the entire video and it is so empowering. I also appreciate the fact that the people in them are dressed way more conservatively than a lot of women in exercise videos are. No bare bellys, no short shorts. The most skimpy thing is a tank top that has fairly wide straps compared to a lot of other options out there. Because of their dress, I don’t mind if my husband is in the room while I’m working out (well, from a modesty standpoint, I’m not a huge fan of having an audience while I’m working out, but that is because I get distracted, someone always ends up needing something from me, or they try to talk when I should be concentrating on my breathing and moving in sync to the DVD and don’t have the mental capacity to also carry on a conversation). I do not have to worry that my children will see their clothes and think that one must bare a lot of skin to exercise.

I am so thrilled to have been a part of this review. It has changed me so much and all for the better.

To see what others have to say about this review, feel free to visit the Christian Woman’s Affiliate Product Review Site. Also, Heather, at Marine Corps Nomads has held a weekly link up for those of us on this review, so feel free to go visit over there also.

Now, Debra was incredibly gracious and has offered me a chance to give away a copy of Let’s Get Stepping to one of my readers. To enter, use the easy Rafflecopter form below. Facebook, twitter etc have nothing to do with the giveaway. The prize is being supplied by Debra Mazda of Shapely Girl Fitness and will be mailed out by me upon receipt of the winner’s mailing address. Giveaway runs from 11/1/2012 until noon p.m. (CST) 11/12/2012. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to the congratulations email or an alternate winner will be chosen. Winner must reside or have a forwarding agent in the United States.

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I was given a copy of Let’s Get Stepping for the purposes of this review and an extra copy to give away on my blog from Debra Mazda and Shapely Girl Fitness as a part of the CWA Review Crew. All opinions (and results) are mine and mine alone, no other compensation was received.

Shapely Girl Post 3

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Oct 152012

So we are now going into week three of exercise with Shapely Girl.

Last week was insane. Personally I wasn’t motivated much. I tried getting up earlier to work out without any audience, and that didn’t happen. Then, on Saturday I had to fit in a workout that afternoon and my husband sat and watched. I’m still not sure how I feel about that one. Having someone cheering me on was nice, yet having someone watching me was rather disconcerting. I would pause to grab a drink of water and he would ask what I was doing.

Last week one of the girls came down with either a slight cold or severe allergies and I had an allergy flare up myself so I was dragging. I had to only do the toning twice as it was the only thing I could breathe through. Even after the few toning portions that I have done, I will say I have already noticed a difference in the feel of my upper arms.

Then, our washer died on Wednesday of last week. On the first load of laundry of course. This was on top of an already not working oven and the clutch going on out on our car. To say I was a bit stressed out is an understatement so I didn’t monitor my food as well as I should have. So my weight went up a pound and came back down. I expect that to change as the girls then started a round of a nasty icky stomach virus after church on Sunday. I’m not feeling so great as I sit here trying to piece coherent thoughts together for this post. I also have a mountain of laundry waiting for my husband to hook up our new to us Craigslist find of a washer after he gets back from disposing of the old one. We were going to fix the old one, but parts were twice what we found this used on for on Craigslist.

I still really enjoy working out with Let’s Get Stepping. I do find it way more fun than other things I’ve tried. I find that I have had way more energy for everything when I am consistent in making the time for work out each day, or nearly each day. More energy equals more umph to get the house work done, more time for the girls and more time for my husband. Which, that has been wonderful.The morning pain in the tendons/ligaments of my ankle are nearly non-existent now too, which I really appreciate. And even though my scale wasn’t my friend this week, I noticed this morning that the skirt I threw on was looser than it has ever been. Same with the shirt I slapped on. I’m looking forward to getting the laundry caught up today and tomorrow and seeing how my regular clothes fit now. My favorite and everyday clothing all needs washed…

To see how some of the others on this fitness challenge are doing, click on the links below. Many thanks to Heather at Marine Corps Nomads for hosting this blog carnival.

Shapely Girl, Post 2 Update

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Oct 082012

This is the second post in a month long challenge using the Shapely Girl Fitness DVDs. If you haven’t, why not go read the FIRST POST of the series?

Last week didn’t go quite as planned fitness-wise. We had company until Tuesday afternoon for the eldest’s birthday last weekend and I wasn’t too keen on trying to learn the routines of the step with more of an audience than normal…So I started on Wednesday and did the 25 minute premix option all three days.

I can’t believe that I used to be in colorguard with the marching band in high school. I am so uncoordinated now. I don’t know how I managed to march, suddenly switch directions and kept a flag twirling all over the place simultaneously. You wouldn’t believe it either if you had watched me gracefully stumble through the routines. Yet I persevered through and it is coming together! Granted, I still look like an elephant tripping around my kitchen, it is a bit better 😉

DVD cover for Let's Get Stepping by Debra MazdaI just love Let’s Get Stepping. It is such a good workout for no matter where you are in your fitness journey. I feel terrific after doing it. In fact, I didn’t do it Saturday or Sunday with the craziness of the weekend and after Saturday I could tell physically that I hadn’t done it that day. I was going to do it Sunday before church, but the warm blankets were holding me in bed and I must admit I was a willing hostage. After church a group of us went to a pumpkin patch and we walked a corn maze and had a blast and ended up home late.

Motivation is key here. I could have pried myself out of bed early on Sunday morning to do the routine. But I didn’t. And for that I am regretful for. I could have ignored the fact the rest of the entire family was around all day on Saturday and just done it. But I didn’t. I should have. I noticed a difference in how I feel physically after the first workout. I had more energy, my joints felt looser and more fluid. I’ve had issues with my right ankle for years and the last several months when I get up in the morning it has been extremely tight and stiff every morning. It wasn’t as bad on Thursday morning when I got up and it the pain and stiffness had decreased with each day I exercised. I liked that a lot. My husband even noticed when giving me a back rub how much more relaxed my muscles felt to him even. I felt more relaxed physically and emotionally and it is great.

And I even lost two pounds between Monday and Friday last week!!!!! You have no idea how ecstatic that made me. So I’ve gone from 258 pounds to 256. Every little bit is a victory.

And my favorite part thus far? For the last year or so I had noticed that if I walked any distance or sat in the car for more than an hour, my hands would retain some fluid and my wedding ring would be tight and hard to slide off. The trip to the pumpkin patch took nearly two hours to get down there yesterday and then there was a lot of walking around to see the sights and through the corn maze, then the two hour trip back home. My hands didn’t swell at all. My rings were comfortable the entire day.

I haven’t measured this week, I will next week. I need to get this published and email some pictures from yesterday, make the girls lunch and do Let’s Get Stepping. I like what this is doing to me!

I’m linking up with Heather at Marine Corps Nomads if you are wanting to see how the others on this challenge are doing!

I was given a copy of Let’s Get Stepping from Shapely Girl Fitness as a part of the Christian Woman Affiliate’s Review Crew. All opinions and results are mine and mine alone, no other compensation was received.