Kerri’s Kreations, A CWA Review

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Jul 092013

A while back I was blessed with getting to review some jewelry by Kerri Sweeris of Kerri’s Kreations through the Christian Woman Affiliate Review Crew. (Time for the appeasement of the FTC, I received the jewelry in exchange for a review, all opinions are mine and mine alone, no other compensation was received…)

Circle hoop earrings with pink pearls and darker pink swavorski crystals alternating on french posts

I had quite the enjoyable time browsing through her website at all of the gorgeous pieces she hand makes. I ended up choosing a lovely set of hoop earrings in a gorgeous pink color with crystals in them. I figured that longer earrings make my face look a bit thinner and the girls are past the stage of trying to grab my earlobes randomly (I was scarred for life about dangling earrings from the story my mom would tell me about the time she was wearing hoop earrings and I was about six months old or so and as I was nursing, I reached up, grabbed on and ripped it out of her ear. I mean, ripped it straight down. Thankfully it healed all right, but I never wore dangly or hoop earrings because of it).

close up of the single hoop style earring with pink pearls and darker pink swavorski crystals on a french post from Kerri's Kreations

I am so glad I got these earrings. They look incredible on me. They elongate my rather roundish face and make my eyes appear to be a bit bluer. They are well made, they aren’t too heavy and I like how pretty they are. The hooks are sturdy and she included the little rubber backs so they don’t slide out of my ears like other earrings have a tendency to do with the posts in this style. Every time I wear these I get compliments on them.

Me holding an earring in my hand with the pink pearls and swavorski crystals and french post.


Kerri has a marvelous selection of earrings, necklaces, pendants, key fobs and even pretty medic alert bracelets on her website. She has to deal with Myasthenia gravis in her daily life, so she donates 10% of all her proceeds to Myasthenia Gravis research.

Kerri has very reasonable prices on her items in her shop, so asking for a little something for yourself for an upcoming birthday or anniversary won’t break the bank. She is very creative in her designs and she has something that will probably appeal to nearly everyone. And since her designs are one-of-a-kind, you can be sure you will get a piece of jewelry with flair that is unique. And now, she is offering gift certificates, so if you need to purchase a gift for someone and want to let them pick it out, you can (or con your hubby into getting you a gift certificate so you can choose something spectacular for that special date night outfit). I may save up some of my mad money so I can order this piece, or one similar (or ask for it for my birthday…). You won’t be disappointed with an order from Kerri’s Kreations, that’s for sure. And if you have any questions for Kerri, just email her through her website, she is more than willing to provide awesome customer service.

Feb 112013

We are well into February now. I know a lot of people’s New Year’s resolutions included things like healthier eating, losing weight and being healthier from a holistic perspective. And I know that by this time of the year, a lot of people have fallen off the wagon (or just decided to take a flying leap) for healthy living.

Let me introduce you to something that may make you jump back on the wagon.

Black background, NuNaturals logo

NuNaturals Stevia is a great way to get back on to the healthy living wagon.

2 oz bottle of lemon flavored liquid stevia

NuNaturals is a liquid stevia blend (they also have powder packets) that is non bitter, disolves well in cold beverages, mixes beautifully in yogurt and can be used where ever you would want to add a bit of sweetness. The liquid stevia is all alcohol free and even comes in orange, lemon, peppermint, vanilla and even chocolate along with unflavored. They also sell baking blend stevia, stevia packets, and a prebiotic blend.

2 oz bottle orange liquid stevia

Stevia is much, much, much sweeter than regular sugar. In fact, you only use about an eighth of stevia versus sugar to get the same amount of sweetness. So while the initial cost of NuNaturals may seem steep at first, you use so little at a time that the price is comparable.

2 oz bottle of peppermint liquid stevia

Stevia also doesn’t cause a spike in blood sugar, so those who have conditions where it is advised to avoid eating sweets and carbohydrates that do raise the blood sugar can use stevia safely in place of sugar.

I received the orange, lemon, vanilla, peppermint and regular liquid from NuNaturals along with their stevia packets and a container of their prebiotic blend. The prebiotic blend works great when adding it to plain yogurt, cookies, anyplace where you would use sugar (unless the amount of sugar called for is to also help increase the bulk of what you are making. If you substitute, you could end up with a bit less of what you are making).

My husband liked adding the peppermint liquid stevia to his bottle of water that he takes to work. Peppermint works as a nice natural stimulant and it helped to keep his mind clear as he stared at a computer screen all day (he works in IT…) He also is a fan of orange cream, so a large glass of water mixed with a few drops of the orange and vanilla liquid blends made an orange cream flavored drink for him whenever he wanted it.

I added the peppermint to homemade hot chocolate. It felt so decadent drinking it on the cold morning I first made it.

The packets are terrific for stashing in your purse or the glove box of your car to add to tea while you are out and about. I’ve noticed recently that the sweet tea at a lot of places is just too sweet tasting any more for me, but I like my tea with some sweet to it, so if I get the unsweetened, I can add the NuNaturals stevia packet to it and make it taste just the way I want it to. And they are great in making chia seed pudding! (soak chia seeds in milk, add some cocoa powder and stevia to taste. I love it)

You can find out more about NuStevia by visiting their WEBSITE or FACEBOOK page.

NuNaturals is currently offering a discount code available until June 30, 2013 for 15% off your entire order! How’s that for taking care of their customers? Just enter BLG0613 at checkout for the discount to be applied.

AND wait, there’s more! NuNaturals hasa been so kind to offer a giveaway for my readers! Four winners will each receive a bottle of Lemon, Orange, Peppermint and Chocolate Liquid Stevia! Just fill out the Rafflecopter below and good luck! If you don’t win, trust me, you will want to purchase some of this wonderful stuff yourself! Contest ends on February 18, 2013 at 11:59 p.m.

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I was given a bottle each of the peppermint, orange, vanilla, lemon and regular liquid, stevia packets and prebiotic blend from NuNaturals as a part of the Christian Woman Affiliate Review Crew for the purposes of this review. All opinions are mine and mine alone, no other compensation was received. NuNaturals also provided the prizes for the giveaway. Created for Home in not responsible for lost, misdirected entries or for prize fulfillment.

Peaceful Passage, CWA Review

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Nov 272012

Have you ever noticed that as women we are called on to accomplish and do so many things which we have no idea how to do? Or even approach doing? And then we find that there are slim to no resources available for the task at hand.

My Grandma was put in hospice for her to complete her life at home in 2010. It was a journey that I had to watch unfold from long distance (several states away). I ached watching my mother and uncle undertake that journey without handy resources available (not saying that the hospice didn’t provide any, they did, but it was on an as needed basis and wasn’t too helpful to plan for the eventuals and what they would face themselves personally and emotionally). I was so glad to find Peaceful Passage by Kim West, Ph.D. as a new resource for those who are facing the end of a loved one’s life and have chosen to care for them at home with hospice.

Cover of Peaceful Passage by Kim West Book. Brown, with a map and a compass

Peaceful Passage is full of wisdom and information for the caregivers of loved ones in hospice. The book outlines very well what to expect as your loved one nears the end of their earthly journey, what supplies you will want to have on hand in advance of needing them, when to call hospice if you need help (the sooner the better, same goes for just asking questions. It is what they are there for.), what to expect physically, emotionally in them and for yourself. It explains how you as a caregiver can feel through the entire process. There are questions at the end of each chapter to help you sort out what you need physically and emotionally. Encouragement is given as everyone seeks closure and healing from past mistakes in the relationships.

Kim West knows first-hand that of which she has written. She undertook this journey for herself as she cared for her mom in her final days. Desiring to help others facing the same journey, she wrote this book knowing that what she learned could benefit others. While no one wants to face death, Kim West helps those of us left behind to sort through the issues and come to a place of remembrance that isn’t as full of pain and exhaustion. She did a very good job at not only explaining the physical aspects of death, but delving into the emotional and spiritual ones as well (those last two seem to not have as many resources available for the lay person) not only for the person who is dying, but also the issues that face their caregivers. I so wish that this book was available when my Grandma spent nearly eight months under the care of hospice. This book would have helped my Uncle and his wife who were my Grandma’s primary caregivers, my Great-Aunt and my Mother through the process. It would have also helped me to understand how to better support them even at a long distance. I think this book should be on every hospice professional’s shelf to give to their new patients, on every pastor’s shelf so they can better understand what is happening to their congregants and everyone who has a loved one in hospice. This book is more than helpful.

While no one wants have to use the information in this book themselves, the time may come that it will be needed. I highly suggest that when that time comes, this is the book you go to for information and support. To purchase your own copy, go HERE

I was given a copy of Peaceful Passage by Kim West Ph.D. in exchange for this review as a part of the CWA Review Crew. All opinions are mine and mine alone, no other compensation was received, nor any affiliate links used.

Everyday Matters Bible for Women Review

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Nov 062012

I know what you must be thinking…..The Bible is the Bible and reviewing it? I know, I know, I’m not necessarily reviewing the content of the Bible (which is the infallible word of God, it has no need to be reviewed by me), I am more like reviewing the layout, style and design of this bound Bible.

The Everyday Matters Bible for Women is from the New Living Translation. You can look up how this translation came to be on your own if you are so inclined…This is not a review of the translation either.

This Bible is hard bound and very sturdy. The color of the cover is teal with orchids on the front with a slight distressed look around the border. It is very lovely to look at from the outside. It also comes with a nice dust jacket and I was thrilled to see a ribbon bookmark in the spine. The thickness of the pages is a bit thicker than other Bibles I have owned and I’m not terrified to flip the page. They also chose a slightly larger font size for the print for which I am grateful. It makes reading the Word so much easier on the eyes (yet it isn’t a large print Bible, so please don’t think it is).

This Bible has small articles scattered throughout dealing with topics that are applicable to our lives as women. These topics include faith, submission, confession, service, worship and Bible study and meditation. Each has a specific symbol so you can easily identify the article at a glance. The articles are written by such notable people as Liz Curtis Higgs, Priscilla Shirer, Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Joni Erickson Tada among others. Normally I absolutely can not stand having anything added into my Bible texts. The pages are typically thicker, glaring in font and color choices and don’t seem to fit in well with the bound book as a whole. I was so pleasantly surprised that this time it is not the case. The articles are inserted where the text was speaking to that topic, on the same page (kind of like an extra text box in some books, but kept with the flow of the entire layout). The articles are placed where they fit in with the Bible text so you can read an applicable article while looking at a specific subject in the Bible. They aren’t disruptive at all. I never thought I would appreciate extra articles in the Bible I am reading, but this time I do.

The articles contain a longer writings on Everyday Matters, Everyday Profiles where a profile of a woman from the Biblical narrative is shared, Everyday Reflections which are a bit shorter to share how to apply Biblical principals into your life and then Everyday Q & As where common questions about faith and life are asked and answered.

I think that this is a good resource for those who wish to have study materials inside of the their Bible of choice instead of juggling several different books at once. This is a good introduction to Bible study for new Christians and for those who may be curious about what it means to be a Christian woman and want to see for themselves.

To see what others had to say about this Bible, go visit the CWAReview Crew’s Site.

This Bible can be purchased where ever you buy your Bibles. Amazon, CBD, or your local Christian bookstore.

I was given a copy of the Everyday Matters Bible for Women as a part of the Christian Woman’s Affiliate Crew. All opinions are mine and mine alone, no other compensation was received.

Nov 012012

For the last month, I have been so blessed to have been able to use Let’s Get Stepping by Shapely Girl Fitness. I had tried and tried to get into an exercise routine that would work for me as a single car family (so going to the gym is out during the day, let alone the expense of joining one). I am thrilled to be able to tell you about this great program. If you want to get caught up on the last four posts go read Installment One, Installment Two, Installment Three and Installment Four.

Shapely Girl Fitness is the brain child of Debra Mazda, and she knows what it is like to be trapped in the cycles we women oftentimes find ourselves in. You see, she wasn’t always a thin individual. She knows what it is like to struggle with your size, have deep struggles in life and what it is like to over come them. You can read more about her story HERE

I had the choice of several different DVDs for my workouts this month and I chose the Let’s Get Stepping.I had never done step aerobics before and I thought it looked like fun. I was right! Granted I had an issue finding a decently priced aerobic stepper in town and ended up having to order one online, it was still worth it. I love how the DVD is set up with an introduction to the steps, two shorter routines, the full routine, a toning session and section called Circle Time with a great pep talk and discussion about what we face as larger women. You can chose to play any of the sections and do the workout that works best for you that day. There really is no excuse to not do the workouts at least three times a week with how they are laid out.

This program is about so much more than weight loss. It is about finding your self-worth. Working through those issues that are holding you back and being the woman you were created to be. I hadn’t really planned on going through the wringer emotionally, but I did. And in the end, working through (or starting to) those issues have helped me to see that yes, I am worth the time to do the program, it is ok to feel good about myself and I can be pretty.

While I didn’t loose much if any weight, I did lose about six inches last month from my girth. Talk about a great thing. I also gained self-worth, better posture, better endurance, more flexibility than I’ve had in ages and a few shirts that I had been given recently that were all a size too small are starting to fit me now. Talk about being wonderful. My husband has noticed that I am more stable emotionally, I’m happier and I’ve been smiling a lot more than I had been. He is really liking the changes he has seen in me since starting the program.

Debra Mazda has a start moving first, the diet will follow mindset. Which does make sense. If you go and exercise and start to treat your body well through that, you will want to eat better and better as time goes on. Why negate the wonderful thing you’ve done for yourself by inserting a bunch of junk food? I’ve also found that my cravings for carbs has decreased since starting on this journey, which I know will be beneficial in the long run.

If step aerobics aren’t quite your thing, she also has a walking DVD, and cardio to choose from. And they are very reasonably priced (way cheaper than a month at the gym). Debra’s style is kind and supportive (unlike several other exercise videos that I’ve tried that did nothing other than make me feel fatter than I already am and demoralized from the tone of voice and choice of language used). Debra is so encouraging through the entire video and it is so empowering. I also appreciate the fact that the people in them are dressed way more conservatively than a lot of women in exercise videos are. No bare bellys, no short shorts. The most skimpy thing is a tank top that has fairly wide straps compared to a lot of other options out there. Because of their dress, I don’t mind if my husband is in the room while I’m working out (well, from a modesty standpoint, I’m not a huge fan of having an audience while I’m working out, but that is because I get distracted, someone always ends up needing something from me, or they try to talk when I should be concentrating on my breathing and moving in sync to the DVD and don’t have the mental capacity to also carry on a conversation). I do not have to worry that my children will see their clothes and think that one must bare a lot of skin to exercise.

I am so thrilled to have been a part of this review. It has changed me so much and all for the better.

To see what others have to say about this review, feel free to visit the Christian Woman’s Affiliate Product Review Site. Also, Heather, at Marine Corps Nomads has held a weekly link up for those of us on this review, so feel free to go visit over there also.

Now, Debra was incredibly gracious and has offered me a chance to give away a copy of Let’s Get Stepping to one of my readers. To enter, use the easy Rafflecopter form below. Facebook, twitter etc have nothing to do with the giveaway. The prize is being supplied by Debra Mazda of Shapely Girl Fitness and will be mailed out by me upon receipt of the winner’s mailing address. Giveaway runs from 11/1/2012 until noon p.m. (CST) 11/12/2012. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to the congratulations email or an alternate winner will be chosen. Winner must reside or have a forwarding agent in the United States.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was given a copy of Let’s Get Stepping for the purposes of this review and an extra copy to give away on my blog from Debra Mazda and Shapely Girl Fitness as a part of the CWA Review Crew. All opinions (and results) are mine and mine alone, no other compensation was received.