Singing Quietly in Small Group

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Oct 242012

Sunday night we went to our small group. As is our custom, before the children go to another room with a college aged babysitter, we all gather in our host’s living room to sing some songs of praise and adoration. The Beans sat on my lap and snuggled with me as we sang Chris Tomlin’s 10,000 Reasons. It is always such a joy getting to share these experiences with our children. The kids are learning how to conduct themselves in an orderly manner during services, they are learning the songs and learning how to lift their voices in praise to our Creator. Sunday night was a heart melting moment. Turns out, Beans knows all of the words to 10,000 Reasons. I had no clue. She sat and snuggled in my lap and sang every word with us. Hearing her sing was a total melt into a puddle moment. I knew the Bugs knew that song and she always joins in singing at the top of her lungs, with much gusto. Beans is more reserved than her sister, so her singing like that in public is a rarity.

Have you shared such a moment as that with your children? Have you been so filled that you thought your heart would burst with joy while melting in the sweetness at the same time?

Apr 142012

Well, they say you make a grander entrance if you’re late…

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

I’m just being fashionably late. Yeah, that’s it! Really, life has been super busy the last few weeks and I have had no time getting this post ready at all! Two weeks ago, we got an unexpected blessing of a trip to the Women of Faith One Day in Wichita. That was a huge blessing in and of itself, and was totally a God orchestrated event for the weekend.

Here at Created for Home, I talk about homeschooling our two daughters, the Bugs (5) and the Beans (4). They are a lot of fun and it is such a blessing to be able to customize their education to how they learn. Last week, they decided they wanted some extra time off for Sabbath week next week so they did all of their school work for the week in two days. We then spent yesterday watching new communication lines be run on the electric poles. It was great.

I’m married to the most amazing man ever. HubbaHubba is my tech support, reacher of tall items and the absolute love of my life. We will have been married for seven years this July and a day doesn’t go by that I am not thanking God for the gift HubbaHubba is to me.

Occasionally I post a recipe for something that I’ve come up with that we all liked. I’ve made Smile Soup for the girls for lunch, and I worked out an incredible Chicken Italiano recipe. My husband begs for the Chicken Italiano on a regular basis. And the best part is, it is so simple and easy to make!

Our word for the year this year is Discipline. I started a 52 Fridays to a More Disciplined life series. And well, laugh at the irony, but I haven’t been that disciplined in writing every Friday with it. We spent most of the month of February sick and barely functioning which just got us all off kilter. Feel free to join in with us though! My friend Annette is writing for it on her blog too. Go check her out.

I live in Joplin and I’ve written some of what we went through last year with the tornado. I’ve been shying away from the topic, because well, after you live it for so long you are just sick of it. I mean, we live with destruction on a daily basis, had to revamp our lives totally because our normal was ripped from us, and I’m tired of thinking about it so I haven’t been talking about it much. I will say this sure has been quite the learning experience for us all. And God doesn’t leave you somewhere without a reason.

For fun, and to supplement the family I do quite a few book and product reviews. We have no extra money in our budget for fun things like my reading addiction, so I do book reviews to feed it. I haven’t been taking on as many book reviews recently with spring upon us though.

I also write about whatever topic I feel like needs to be addressed or if I just have to share something. A lot of times it is about how God has been working in our life and I just have to share it. We have been blessed beyond measure. While life hasn’t been easy for us, and according to the world’s standards, we are in poverty, we are rich. We’ve never gone hungry, we have what we need and a lot of extras have been provided by our loving God. We are also rich in faith and love. I wouldn’t trade it for any amount of money.

Thank you for visiting from the Ultimate Blog Party! Feel free to poke around a bit and maybe add yourself to my Linky Followers or sign up for email updates, follow us on Facebook or Twitter or even Pinterest too.

Apr 292011

I didn’t know that one either….Until yesterday.

Yesterday, the Beans and the Bugs and I were snuggling on my bed.  They had had a whiny morning and sometimes, when they get snuggle time it resets their attitudes, so that is what I had decided to do (yes, it worked).  So, we were snuggling and giggling and talking under our big down comforter when the Bugs and Beans all of a sudden decided that we were sailing on a boat in the middle of the ocean.  Which isn’t anything new with them.

So, we were out in the ocean, and a storm was coming up.  So they had to go and rescue the baby mermaids. Bugs would dive off the side of the ship, and come up with a baby mermaid, pass it off to Beans and then go back down for another.  After rescuing about five mermaids, she was done and the storm hit.

Apparently that storm was fairly bad….there was lightening and thunder.  We had to dive for shelter numerous times.  And then it happened.

The Mermaids caught on fire.  No idea why, it was rather spontaneous.  Then, horror of horrors, we had no firemen on the ship to put them out.  So, Captain Mom dropped some hoses into the sea and taught her little sailors how to spray water out of them to put out the flaming mermaids.

After the threat of our ship burning, the Bugs jumps up and yells that she needs her gun.  I ask her why in the world she would need a gun on a ship in the middle of the ocean.  I was half expecting her to exclaim about some pirates boarding the ship when she informs me in her most no-nonsense voice that the bear was coming towards us and we needed the meat. No one had any idea how in the world a bear was able to get to our ship, out in the middle of the ocean and land no where in sight.

I must say, the girls do have very vivid imaginations.  I love watching them (and participating) at their play.  They stories they come up with and act out with such passion gives me hope.  It gives me hope that not all imagination is dead in our society. I pray they keep their sense of wonder, fun and imagination with them for a very long time, even well into adulthood.  I wish I had been able to keep mine..

Apr 042011

Bugs on the left, Beans to the right. On Bean's 3rd birthday, isn't her hair gorgeous?

Today has been one of those days…..

Bugs has had a rather obstinate day. This morning she decided she couldn’t do school. It was quite the battle (we’ve been dealing with issues of jealousy with her friends at church who are truly school aged and attend public school. She wants to go like her friends do.). So, she got into a huge amount of trouble and wasn’t permitted to watch any movies, play on the computer or her Leapster Explorer.  She also wouldn’t clean up the 64 count box of crayons she dumped out on the kitchen floor in front of my stove and sink.  So I refused to cook lunch until she had cleaned it up so I could get to the stove.

Lunch was very late today….

Then, as I was taking a breather and going through the junk that was delivered courtesy of the United States Postal Service, Bugs came and told me that her bed was broken.  I told her I would go look in a second.  She told me I needed to come now.  There was something in her voice that said I needed to go check.

So, I walk into their room and find the Beans, sitting on Bug’s bed with a pair of scissors in her hand, and small wisps of hair surrounding her. I calmly state no, SCREAM in utter shock, horror and disbelief.

And of course, I break into tears.

I go over to the bed, and the Beans is now crying hysterically.

Upon closer look, I discover that more hair is missing from her head than what I saw on the bed.

You can see how short the side became after the self-barbering attempt...

I ask the Beans if she cut her hair.  Her answer was that the Bugs had helped.  The Bugs denied any involvement.  After more questioning Beans admitted to cutting her hair herself. She hid the extra three handfuls between her sister’s mattress and the wall.

Front view of the bangs. Yes, there is a patch that is less than an inch long.

So, after I got myself calmed down, and I called my mother to see what she would have done in a similar situation (apparently neither my sister or myself ever tried to cut our own locks.  However, my sister was fond of scalping Barbies and My Little Ponies. She became a licensed cosmetologist…and now a funeral director). My mom really didn’t say much other than to send her pictures.

So, I decided to plop her into the shower, wash her hair and attempt to fix the damage.  Yes, by myself.  A trip to the salon is not an option for us financially at this point.

It turned out pretty well. I think.

Her right side. It took awhile to get the sides even.

The back of her new 'do.

I trimmed the rest of her bangs and if you sweep them to the side, and perhaps with a large bow, that patch of super short won't be too noticeable...

We did figure out how the scissors came to be in the room.  It was the Bugs.  She is the one who can reach the drawer they are in if she’s standing on a chair. She got them down to practice in her cutting workbook the other day. And I was a negligent mommy who didn’t double check after she was told to put them away.

Thankfully Hubbs was very understanding of the whole thing and got a chuckle out of it.  He even cooked supper for me tonight since I was a bit busy fixing issues in one form or another all day today. Hopefully tomorrow is much smoother.  And the hair will grow back. I have to keep reminding myself of that one.  Her hair will grow back.

Oh, and the side rail of the bed did fall down.  It is an older bed, and we aren’t sure how it was originally made, but we had to screw a metal plate back in the side to reattach the rail to the headboard. It’s fixed now.


Apr 022011


So, while I was given the afternoon to promote the blog with the Ultimate Blog Party (see button on right hand widget column, I’m on the phone at the moment and can’t hyper link) my husband took the girls outside to play. He ran in to the garage to look for the pruning shears and when he came back out, the Bugs had gotten the blue glitter paint (it was outside from painting paper mache) and had decided that her sister needed painted….all over her face. She did a great job at least at keeping it out of the Beans’ eyes as she applied it like eye shadow (where she figured out how to do that is beyond me, I haven’t worn any in ages…). There was also a few lines all up her right arm.

Thankfully, after another hour outdoors in the mud puddle and sandbox, it started to wear off. Then a nice bath took care of the rest (you should see my bathtub…)