52 Fridays, the July 27th Edition

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Jul 272012

So, realized last week I had gained a few pounds back. I was disgusted with myself. So this week, it has been back on the wagon for me. I keep telling myself that this is good for me. I find it strange though, I don’t have the taste for sweets that I used to have. I still appreciate a good piece of chocolate, however, I’ve not craved it in months. That’s definitely a step in the right direction.

I’m currently in between loads of laundry. The last two weeks with actually getting it put away has stunk. It comes out of the dryer hot and I really don’t want to handle it, then before I know it, the day is gone and it is time to crawl into bed. The air running constantly keeps the house manageable at least, but it isn’t cold. We’ve been at or over 100 degrees for nearly a month now and it doesn’t look like there is going to be a break in the heat until closer to autumn. My poor garden is pathetic at this point, the grass is all crunchy and no one wants anything to do with anything that requires heat.

One of our Hot Pepper Plants, it is the only thing happy in the garden

School was done in two days this past week (we started back three weeks ago, too hot to enjoy time outside, so we figured why not start school back up?). Monday was a day when my MIL called and we ended up talking on the phone for two hours and then I had to catch up a lot of other stuff, so school didn’t get done that day. Tuesday, I woke up with no real voice from allergies (ragweed is running early this year and we live North of the old St. John’s which they are tearing down piece by piece and the wind comes up out of the south). Then today we were supposed to have had some friends come over to swim, but they ended up having to stay home sick. The girls got caught up on school on Wednesday and then did extra yesterday to have today off.

I’m in the middle of reading Entreleadership by Dave Ramsey. I highly suggest this book if you own your own business, work for a business or even just run your household. I am blown away by this book and it is helping me to figure out some stuff for something I’ve been feeling led to do in the future.

Speaking of the future, we have some big decisions to make this weekend. If you read this before then, please pray for us to make the right one. I can’t go into details, but God knows. We need to give an answer on Monday. Thanks!

Friday July 6

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Jul 062012

Ah, yet another Friday has come and half gone. Seriously, how does the time go so fast these days? I remember when I was little and time would just drag and drag and drag. Now, I blink and the girls are inches taller, a year older and several seasons have come and gone.

I slipped up on the housekeeping this week. It has just been so hot and I’m so not motivated or really caring. We had the car most of the week and we hardly did anything with it even! But then it doesn’t help that we are in our third week of excessive heat and the car doesn’t have air conditioning. We finally made it grocery shopping yesterday and the chocolate chips melted in the trunk on their trip back home from across town. It is supposed to cool down quite a bit by Tuesday for about a week. I certainly am hoping so. My poor tomatoes aren’t happy and have stopped setting blossoms. And the few blossoms they did have dried up and got all crunchy. The serrano peppers are quite happy though. So are the hot banana peppers. We harvested enough to pickle three jelly jars full this week. I was so excited when all the jars sealed.

My skirts are all looser fitting. And my favorite shirt is nearly too big for me now! Kind of sad over that as it was my pink tuxedo ruffled shirt. However, it is kind of exciting too. I hate having to get new clothes so this shall be an interesting experience. I have quite a bit more weight to lose before I need to replace everything though.

Sunday is our 7th wedding anniversary. Friends of ours are taking the girls for the afternoon so HubbaHubba and I can have the afternoon together. It has been an incredible 7 years and I look forward to the rest of our lives together.

I have to plan out our first six week term of school. We start back on Monday. Figured why not with the heat, the girls have been begging to start school again and we’ll get extra time off when the weather is much nicer to be outside in that way too. My last book for school came yesterday in the mail so I am excited. The girls and I are very excited to be starting school back up.

Well, I should get off and get to finishing cleaning the bedroom. And then tackle the bathroom. Have a great weekend!

Another 52 Fridays Post

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Jun 292012

Well, it is Friday. At least the calendar says it is. Sure feels like it should be past that already. We had VBS this week Sunday through Wednesday that threw us off.

It is beyond hot here. Not as hot as other places in the U.S, but still. And it is only June. I think my Farmer’s Almanac was off this year for the weather. I am so not looking forward to the electric bill with the a/c running. Or our next water bill. We filled a 30 inch high by 10 foot across pool this past month. That pool sure has been a blessing though. Great exercise and time has been spent with the kids in it.

My cherry tomatoes are starting to ripen. It’s too hot for the tomatoes to set blossoms right now so there will be a lull after what is already fruited ripens to more. My pepper have exploded with fruit too. HubbaHubba’s hot peppers have beyond exploded. The Serrano pepper plant has more than eleven peppers on it. The banana peppers are loaded and one of our bell peppers is needing staked up because it is so top heavy at the moment. HubbaHubba is sure looking forward to making his own hot sauce and pickling the banana peppers. I have some melons in and they are growing slowly so I’ll probably have them in August ready to pick. I can’t wait. Next year I’m going to have to plant some honeydew for HubbaHubba as that is his favorite melon. This year we have cantaloupe and watermelons.

This past week we ate a lot of take out. It was just such a crazy week. I tried to plan for it, and the girls and I did eat at home before heading to VBS, but with dinner being at four, they were starving by the time it was over at 8:30 and HubbaHubba needed to eat too as we picked him up from work on our way to the church. I got to keep the car most of this week (today is the first day I’ve not had it) as he’s had to be to work well before 7 in the morning for a job an hour away, so he got picked up by a coworker so the girls and I could at least make it to VBS if he didn’t get back in town on time.

The girls get one more week of summer break before we start back to doing school. They keep asking me when school is going to start again as they are getting rather bored and out of sorts with the lack of that routine. I thought of starting it Monday, however with the 4th of July in the middle of the week and then our wedding anniversary the following weekend, we decided that it would be better to wait until July 9th. Gives me an extra week to plan out our first six week term anyway.

I did get July’s monthly meal plan made yesterday. And got most of the kitchen caught up from not being home (how in the world does the house get so messy when we aren’t here? Are there mess making elves that come when no one’s home?). The living room is picked up again. Have to put yesterday’s emergency load of laundry away. I hate handling it after it gets taken out of the dryer as it just exudes so much heat. I would hang them out if I had a clothes line. Maybe I’ll ask for that for an anniversary present this year. Wonder where I would put such a thing in our back yard though…I think I’m going to go price the umbrella type I grew up with now.

So, there’s the synopsis of our crazy goings on. Hope your are having a blessed summer and are finding ways to stay cool.

52 Fridays, I’ve Lost Count

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Jun 152012

So, I have no idea what week this is…Oh well. That’s life, isn’t it?

The last two weeks have flown by between the TPA Conference, cleaning the house from being gone (has anyone figured out how your house gets trashed like the second you return from a trip?)  and life in general…

I’ve been making sure to eat more veggies and whole foods since we’ve returned. Being at the conference was great and well, I got to eat out like five times over the weekend. And of course, well, I didn’t always make the best choices, but they weren’t horrid choices either. Well, except for the stop at the donut shop on the way to the convention that Saturday. Which was hilarious.  You see, the convention was held in downtown Wichita, the exact same weekend as the kickoff for Riverfest (a large festival with rides, concerts, activities and a marathon). We get close to where we needed to go when they start closing the roads around us for the marathon. We had to drive around to find the back way into the donut shop where we sat eating a very naughty breakfast of excellent donuts and coffee while people ran past who apparently have never eaten a donut in their lives. We had to laugh at that. Nothing against runners (my sister is one), it just struck us as kind of funny.

Other than that, I haven’t been too bad on the food front. I made a batch of Energy Bites two days ago and the entire family likes them. They make a great breakfast if you need something in a hurry. And they are filling. Two will be fine for breakfast with a glass of milk!

The house is coming back into order from our being gone…The garden has been caught up and things are coming back into a resemblance of normal. In the week before we left, I became the Social Media Manager for my husband’s small business. So now I’m figuring out how to wrap that into everyday life. I’m quite thankful for those applications that let you schedule posts out in advance. I’m learning Hootsuite and the more I learn, the faster I get with it so that is good. Because of my new job in social media, we now have a real internet connection at the house. No more waiting for HubbaHubba to get home to tether! It is great. However, I’ve found that I have spent way too much time on Pinterest…(Which if you want to follow me on there, I’m Created for Home there too).

I have to get going and make the girls their lunch. I’m hungry too.

How are you doing in making your life more disciplined? Let us know so we can encourage you along!

52 Fridays 5/25/2012

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May 252012

Today is FRIDAY!!!! So that means that it is time for another 52 Fridays post.
Where to begin? Or shy away from beginning?

This past week on Tuesday was the one year anniversary of the Joplin tornado. To commemorate it, the girls and I decided to participate in the Walk of Unity that was held. I am still not totally sure what I was thinking. I had been doing some Walk at Home with Leslie Sansone and figured I was up for the challenge.

I was sadly mistaken.

Well, partly mistaken…

You see, when I do my walking at home, I’m in my living room. My nice, flat living room. And when I walk at home, I’m not toting about 80 pounds of children behind me in a heavy wagon either. It was fairly cool in the house when we got ready and since the day before had been pretty chilly, we dressed in jeans and t-shirts for the walk. Totally forgetting that there is still no shade at all on the tornado route. The sun was shining beautifully straight down on us.

Then the girls decided before we even got to leave Wal-Mart’s parking lot that they were tired and wanted to go home. We had gotten a ride from a friend over and she had already gone back home so we were stuck following through.
The girls rode a lot in their wagon (a great off road/yard work wagon, but I can’t recommend it for long walks or great distances) and were very cute. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of them in it, but I was stopped by people thinking the girls were cute and wanting pictures themselves. I should have asked for someone to email me one now that I think on it. The girls waved the American flags they were given and smiled and waved to lots of people. We met up with some friends, made it to nearly the half-way point and walked to our friends’ home to watch the events at the park on television. We figured we would get to see more that way and we were right. By the time we had made it back to their house, we had walked nearly the whole amount of the planned route. On Wednesday, my legs throbbed and I was extremely stiff. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I wasn’t pulling the girls behind me and had real walking shoes. I had a pair of cheap tennis shoes on that were more of a minimalist design. I guess I’m getting old and should consider buying myself a good pair of tennis shoes with more padding or something.

The girls finished their history this week for school. All that is left is science and we don’t have a lot of that left and should be done before we leave for TPA next week. I’ve been letting them play outside since the weather has gotten so nice, and before it gets unbearably hot (which is happening this weekend from the look of it).
In the housekeeping department, I’ve at least kept the kitchen decent. We’ve been outside playing and working in the garden instead of spending time indoors. I am needing to deep clean the master bedroom and the bathroom this weekend.

Food wise, I’ve been doing decent. I’m purposefully not eating as much as I used to and trying to eat way more veggies. I need to go and get some more fresh produce actually. Though I don’t want to over buy as we’ll be gone for TPA for four days and I hate wasting money on food if it isn’t going to be eaten.

I really need to start in on a good Bible reading plan. I just got a book to review in the mail about how reading the Bible through in a year can change you. I hope there is a good plan to follow in it. I’ve printed off the Bible in 90 Days plan that I’m thinking of attempting again. The only thing is I prefer my NASB Chronological Bible over the traditionally laid out ones and I can’t find a B90 plan for that. Have you seen one?

Well, I have chores to get done so I need to get off the computer and get to work. Next week may or may not have a 52 Fridays post as I will be live blogging at the TPA Convention. Which will include all of next week prepping laundry, packing and everything that goes along with being gone for a few days.