Jun 222014

Logo for Odyssey Adventure Club

Did you grow up listening to Adventures in Odyssey as a child? I have to admit I did occasionally.
Did you know that it is still going strong and you can now share with your children the fun of Odyssey?

My kids love listening to Odyssey. I mean they absolutely love it and would spend all day doing so if they were allowed (hey, must have time for school and chores in there somewhere, right?) And they were thrilled to find out about the Odyssey Adventure Club from Focus on the Family.

In OAC you can listen to all the Odyssey adventures you desire in the online library, play games and have a lot of fun. You can get your first month for only five dollars!

My kids beg to listen to the stories and so enjoy this. I enjoy having something they can listen to without me worrying about questionable content.

The OAC also has games, web quests, a daily devotional and a ton of fun.

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