Feb 042014

I received the book, Seams Unlikely by Nancy Zieman with Marjorie L. Russell through Glass Road Media for the purposes of this review. All opinions are mine and mine alone, no other compensation was received.

Have you ever had a dream but felt like due to circumstances beyond your control, they were totally unattainable? That no one would care, they would be put off by whatever limitation you had, that it wasn’t worth the effort?

What if you could dream big dreams and live them out?

Nancy Zieman did just that with her life. Born a dairy farmer’s daughter, ending up afflicted with Bell’s Palsy as an infant that never straightened itself out, she went on with her love of sewing and teaching to not only run her own business (Nancy’s Notions) but also as the host of Sewing with Nancy which has been on air on PBS stations for decades.

Seams Unlikely is a look at Nancy’s life, how she didn’t let limitations hold her back and shows how she built Nancy’s Notions from home while balancing her marriage and family. The personal stories and pictures are a great way to get to know the person who is America’s sewing instructor. You can feel the love Nancy has for her family, friends and work through the pages of the book, along with the love her family and friends have for her. She never admits that living her life was easy, nothing was handed to her on a silver platter and freely acknowledges how much work and faith it took to get to where she did over the coarse of her career.

Nancy is an inspiration to not just those who enjoy the art of sewing, but for all of us who may have obstacles standing in the way of our dreams, no matter what they are. If you love sewing, then this book will delight you. If you have a dream you don’t think you will ever achieve, this book will show you that it can happen if you work hard for it.

I personally haven’t used a my sewing machine in a very long time. I enjoyed learning in Home Ec in high school (one of the last generations to take home ec in my high school) and I cut out my wedding dress (my mother-in-law sewed it for me), but I haven’t had much time to sit and actually sew in the last several years. This book makes me want to get my sewing machine out of hibernation and at least make some new curtains and skirts for the girls.

Visit Seams Unlikely for more information about the book and locations on where to purchase it. You can also follow Nancy on FACEBOOK

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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to read SEAMS UNLIKELY! I’m happy to hear you enjoyed it – it’s been our pleasure to publish it with Nancy and share her experiences and values with readers.

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