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I have two very different ¬†children. One who fights me on phonics work. And I mean it can be a knock out, dragged kicking and screaming fight some days. I think part of the issues we have is because I let myself get pressured into trying to teach her how to read when she was still a toddler and wasn’t ready for it. Me pushing her to fast has come back and bitten us in the rear end numerous times. She has herself convinced she can’t read, so if she doesn’t get something right the first time, she gives up.

My other child is very laid back towards reading. She likes things to be fun. At least her version of fun. She loves computer games and movies.


I was very excited to get to try Reading Eggs with both of my children. And they were both super excited to try a fun computer game. Reading Eggs was designed for children ages 3-13.

I had them each take the placement test so they could start where they were ready. I do need to warn you, the youngest didn’t want to take the placement test, so she did purposefully miss enough to get it over with. She was started on a level about 15/20 below where she should have been. She was claimed she was bored taking the test and wanted to go play (she’s 5). She then breezed through many levels of Reading Eggs in one day and is now to where it is starting to be a bit more of a challenge. The eldest started at about where she really is in her phonics journey due to test placement. She didn’t try to get it over with like her sister did.

They both enjoy playing the games on Reading Eggs. It presents new concepts in a fun and playful way, and at the end of each lesson (various activities through each stop on the map) they get a new character to hatch who says a rhyme. They get so excited to see who is being hatched next.

Since we started with our trial of Reading Eggs, I have noticed both girls just reading things in public way more than they used to. In fact, it is more organic with their reading signs, boxes at the grocery store, seeing random things out in public. They just blurt out the words they see and think nothing of their new skill. When asked how they knew what it was they just blurted out, they say amazed, I just read that! They don’t even realize they are reading things, just going ahead and doing it (which is a HUGE thing for my eldest who always even resisted trying to read things because she knew she would fail. She just is doing it now without the pressure she was putting on herself, and the transformation has been wonderful.)

I like how fun they think Reading Eggs is. I also like how after we got through the very simple assessment, and after I sat with them for a few lessons to make sure they understood what to do, I can walk off and make a cup of tea or work on another subject with the child not on the computer. It has helped me to balance my time between the girls and their very different educational needs. And I will also admit, having them do some school work online has also allowed me to get the housework done a bit better through the day (dusting in the living room, quickly cleaning the toilet) as I do not have to sit there coaching them through the whole process. It has given me some time for other tasks (even taking a shower, which us homeschool moms know can be quite a treat to get during the day) while not ignoring their education. I’m not advocating leaving them to their devices on this, but it doesn’t take as much supervision to use this program after they get acclimated so you can get a few other things done, yet still being available to help. It is fostering their independence which is a big thing, especially for our youngest.

I love how it emails me with a child report after a child gets through certain markers in the program so I know where each child is in their learning without having to go digging around in the program itself.

Reading Eggs Read to Cure Challenge Badge

Right now, Reading Eggs is partnering with the National Children’s Cancer Society for a Read to a Cure. Each person who signs up for a free trial of Reading Eggs (a 5 week trial) will have a dollar donated to the NCCS. The trial is risk-free and you don’t need a payment method for it either, so you have nothing to lose if you want to try it. Children can also earn prizes during the Read to a Cure event. Check it out!¬†¬†(new customers only for the trial)

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