Dec 092013

I was very highly impressed with A Tale of Two Kingdoms by Heather A. Kendall. This devotional book, aimed for high school and above is so unlike any other devotional/study for students than I have ever seen. This book is not full of fluff like so many others are.

A Tale of Two Kingdoms examines the interplay of the Kingdom of God with Satan from the beginning of the scriptures. This book is extremely well researched and is very deep. It is very similar to the textbooks I used back in Bible college. This is an excellent overview of the Bible, one that I can not wait until my children are old enough to use. While it is written so everyone can read and understand (unlike some tomes of hard to grasp theology), it doesn’t talk down to the reader nor is filled with fluff. This book is full of meat that needs to be thought about and contemplated on.

I really appreciate how A Tale of Two Kingdoms examines how Salvation had to come through Christ, how it was foretold and prepared for in the Old Testament, fulfilled within the New Testament, the history of the early church and what we can look forward to in heaven. So many forget that the Old Testament relates to our Salvation just as much as the New Testament does. It was wonderful to get to examine the story of Salvation through the entirety of the scriptures.

This book will make a great one or two semester study of the Bible for your high school students, or used as a guide for youth groups, family devotions or a Sunday School/Wednesday night church class. I highly reccommend getting a copy today for yourself.

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