Sep 202013

I am so tired of clutter.

I don’t know about you, but we have too much stuff in our house.

And it is past time to do something about it.

October is nearly here. Then comes the busy season of holidays. Anyone want to purge a room a week in their homes in preparation for the winter season? A room a week is doable.

So from October 1-7, the focus is on making the living room a warm welcoming haven to your family and guests.

October 8-14 will be the kitchen. Get rid of those appliances you don’t use, all those extra plastic containers taking up room, rearrange the silverware drawer if you’ve been putting it off. Organize the canned goods. Make it a joy to walk into your kitchen in the mornings to start that coffee maker (or tea kettle if you are like me and use a French Press).

October 15-21 will be clean out that bathroom! Trash those half used bottles of shampoo, that perfume you were given that you hate and all that really old makeup. Make your bathroom a nice relaxing place to take a hot bath in. Is there something small you could do to make it more inviting? What about candles, replacing the dingy shower curtain?

And October 22-28 is clean out your master bedroom! Ditch all those magazines sitting beside the bed waiting to be read, purge the tops of the dressers, fluff up the pillows and make it a retreat for you and your hubby.  Make your room a place you want to go to at the end of the day.

So, who’s in? I won’t make you take before pictures as I really don’t want to take the before pics of my house after the insanity of this past summer…Yeah, my house is really embarrassing currently.  I will do a link up if anyone is interested in joining in!

  3 Responses to “October Home Decluttering/Purging Challenge”

  1. The Rhea Lana sale is coming and it’s always helpful in getting me to purge. I’ve all ready pulled all the excess clothes, toys, and thing a ma bobs. What I’m not selling I gave away, donated or ditched. It feels so good to purge. I did another purge/deep clean right before my new job started so with this mini one I’m feeling like I’m keeping it together. Yay for simplicity.

  2. So, have you been doing this?? I am in if you are!!! I googled decluttering challenge Oct 2013 and found you. My living room tends to be the least cluttered room in the house so it won’t take me long to do that. Then I can start the kitchen and hopefully get on track with you!

    • I’ve been trying, no one else seemed to have interest, so I put it on the back burner. That and I’ve been busy helping out at my MIL’s house (she moved to town recently and we are trying to get her settled in). My living room, well, it is better than it has been, we’ll leave it at that… 😉 Kitchen is slowly getting transformed. I killed my food processor so that is one less appliance on my counter top at the moment. Now to install some shelving to eliminate the crowding.

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