Aug 062013


The Beans hates to work on her math. I am probably safe to say that math is her absolute least favorite subject at this point. At the end of last school year, she would start to cry when it was math time.


Imagine my utter shock and surprise when she started asking to do her math with the Leap Frog products that are now available from Mega Brands America.

The new Leap Frog products by Mega Brands America are what Beans needed to not be terrified of math apparently. We received the workbooks for the K/1st age range, and these were right at where she was in math at the end of last year. The work book is engaging and has short segments per page, the flash cards are easy to use (and notched on one corner so you know which side you’ve done), they have a great rewards chart system that you can totally customize with the goals you set for your wee learner and what child in the kindergarten age can resist write off dry erase work? I couldn’t pry the math and the handwriting dry erase boards out of the Beans’ hands for days after our package arrived in the mail. In fact, she took them with her everywhere, so proud she was of her “homework.” We lost the first dry erase marker and did have to go out and buy another set. After I replaced the markers, it was several more days before she would put her homework down.


Mega Brands America produces stationary such as this geared to reinforce what your child is learning and makes it fun. You can find the Leap Frog products in with the stationary and writing utensils at many mass retailers (Wal-Mart, Target, JoAnns, OfficeMax, Michaels and Toys R Us) with a recommended MSRP of .99 to 24.99 for ages three and up, so you will be able to find something in your price range for your little scholar. To see what other’s had to say about this product, go visit Mosaic Reviews!


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