Apr 152013

I use a lot of vinegar for cleaning in my home. I find it does just as good of a job if not better than the chemical cocktail cleaners you buy at the store, and it is so much cheaper. Add in the fact that it doesn’t aggrevate my migraines or cause other allergic reactions in my family, it is a great deal for us health-wise too.

However, I really don’t like the smell of regular vinegar. My husband doesn’t either. In fact, he absolutely can’t stand the smell of vinegar. Which, is mainly my fault. You see, when we were in college, we got into a prank war….I left an open bowl of sauerkraut in his closed up car in the late spring for about three days…Granted, I didn’t think he wouldn’t go anywhere for that long and that it would have been found well before then…But to say that he wasn’t impressed is an understatement (and he still married me, believe it or not. And before you jump on my case for something so “mean” let me say, he did some pretty good ones too).

While I can tolerate the scent of vinegar (and I know that it normally doesn’t take too long to dissipate), I did find myself wishing for something that would have a better scent to it. I read somewhere online (couldn’t tell you where) that you can take orange peels and put them in a bottle, dump vinegar on them and let it soak and you get orange scented vinegar. I decided to try it, and low and behold, it worked. I just added orange peels as my girls ate oranges (mainly cuties, a few tangerines got in too) and let it sit for about three weeks. I left the peels in and just pour some of the vinegar out when I am needing to clean.

It works like a charm. The vinegar combined with the orange leaves a nicer scent behind. It helps to clean beautifully too, plus I get the purported benefits of the orange oils that have seeped out of the peels. You can look and find articles online about how good orange oils are for you and for cleaning.

If orange doesn’t work for you, you could try lemon or even lime peels (or why not a combo for a fun citrus scent so you can at least pretend you are in the tropics). And I have mixed up a spray bottle of half vinegar and water plus about fifteen drops of a thieves/germ fighter essential oil blend and added some peppermint essential oil to it to make it smell a bit better. That stuff cleans very well too, especially in the bathroom.

I think if my lavender takes off this year (I’m sprouting some, we’ll see how they grow) I may make some lavender infused vinegar for cleaning later and perhaps even mix in some eucalyptus oil or tea tree or rosemary with it. The possibilities are near endless with this project. I may like it even more than when I made my own homemade enzyme cleaner!

  2 Responses to “Homemade Orange Vinegar for Cleaning”

  1. Thanks for bring back some fun college prank memories! I hadn’t thought I the orange peels in vinegar before this. In February, our grocery store had large oranges priced at 15 for $1. I wish I would have known then! Thanks for sharing!

  2. My wife and I use this same technique for cleaning our windows and glass shower doors and it works great. I imagine it would work just as well on any other household cleaning.

    Great tip thanks.


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