Jan 122013

Last year I had a word for the year. It took me a few days of thinking and praying but I came up with the word Discipline to be my focus for last year. And while I didn’t hit all of my goals (when setting goals I have a tendency to think I can get more done than feasible), I did have a lot of progress. I am more regular in my workout routines, my house is cleaner than it had been…I am more disciplined with our daily life in regards to school, chores and getting up on time. We are more purposeful in our spending (normally), our food choices and activities. It will always be a process to become more self-disciplined, but it is getting easier.

This year’s word took tons of thought and prayer. I didn’t come up with one until this afternoon. We’ve been blessed by a friend giving us her old couch (bigger than our love seat), end tables and a set of bunk beds for the girls. As I was moving a few things to prepare for the arrival of our new-to-us furniture (delayed now for a week due to the weather, but that is ok and actually helps me out a bit) I was struck with the word for our focus this year. The word for me this year is going to be Sanctuary.

I want to strive to be disciplined to cultivate (last year’s and the year’s before words, see!) our home into a Sanctuary. I want our home to be a refuge from the world not just for my family, but for anyone who crosses our threshold. I want our home to exude peace, calm, joy, hope, love. I want people who come through our doors to feel safe.

In order to do this, I will continue on our decluttering journey. I want our home to not be so filled with stuff that it feels confining and suffocating to those inside. I don’t want the focus of our home on what all we have accumulated, but on the people within. I will also continue to be disciplined and really work on a good cleaning schedule that works for our family. The cleaning gets done, but I have yet to find the right routine for us. I will also put together and USE a homekeeping binder. A homekeeping binder will help to cement the schedules, my family’s important information, ideas for how to better decorate our home. It will become a good extra brain. I also intend to get back to monthly meal planning.

I also want the atmosphere of our home to point to God. I want Him glorified through our home, our family and hospitality. I want people to know from Whom we get our joy, Who sustains us in all things and for Him to get the glory.

My goal is to cultivate a more peaceful experience for myself, my family and friends. I want people glad to come in, to feel relaxed and welcomed as soon as they arrive, and make them glad to return after they’ve left.

Sanctuary, my word for the year. What is yours?

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