Oct 152012

So we are now going into week three of exercise with Shapely Girl.

Last week was insane. Personally I wasn’t motivated much. I tried getting up earlier to work out without any audience, and that didn’t happen. Then, on Saturday I had to fit in a workout that afternoon and my husband sat and watched. I’m still not sure how I feel about that one. Having someone cheering me on was nice, yet having someone watching me was rather disconcerting. I would pause to grab a drink of water and he would ask what I was doing.

Last week one of the girls came down with either a slight cold or severe allergies and I had an allergy flare up myself so I was dragging. I had to only do the toning twice as it was the only thing I could breathe through. Even after the few toning portions that I have done, I will say I have already noticed a difference in the feel of my upper arms.

Then, our washer died on Wednesday of last week. On the first load of laundry of course. This was on top of an already not working oven and the clutch going on out on our car. To say I was a bit stressed out is an understatement so I didn’t monitor my food as well as I should have. So my weight went up a pound and came back down. I expect that to change as the girls then started a round of a nasty icky stomach virus after church on Sunday. I’m not feeling so great as I sit here trying to piece coherent thoughts together for this post. I also have a mountain of laundry waiting for my husband to hook up our new to us Craigslist find of a washer after he gets back from disposing of the old one. We were going to fix the old one, but parts were twice what we found this used on for on Craigslist.

I still really enjoy working out with Let’s Get Stepping. I do find it way more fun than other things I’ve tried. I find that I have had way more energy for everything when I am consistent in making the time for work out each day, or nearly each day. More energy equals more umph to get the house work done, more time for the girls and more time for my husband. Which, that has been wonderful.The morning pain in the tendons/ligaments of my ankle are nearly non-existent now too, which I really appreciate. And even though my scale wasn’t my friend this week, I noticed this morning that the skirt I threw on was looser than it has ever been. Same with the shirt I slapped on. I’m looking forward to getting the laundry caught up today and tomorrow and seeing how my regular clothes fit now. My favorite and everyday clothing all needs washed…

To see how some of the others on this fitness challenge are doing, click on the links below. Many thanks to Heather at Marine Corps Nomads for hosting this blog carnival.

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