Oct 082012

This is the second post in a month long challenge using the Shapely Girl Fitness DVDs. If you haven’t, why not go read the FIRST POST of the series?

Last week didn’t go quite as planned fitness-wise. We had company until Tuesday afternoon for the eldest’s birthday last weekend and I wasn’t too keen on trying to learn the routines of the step with more of an audience than normal…So I started on Wednesday and did the 25 minute premix option all three days.

I can’t believe that I used to be in colorguard with the marching band in high school. I am so uncoordinated now. I don’t know how I managed to march, suddenly switch directions and kept a flag twirling all over the place simultaneously. You wouldn’t believe it either if you had watched me gracefully stumble through the routines. Yet I persevered through and it is coming together! Granted, I still look like an elephant tripping around my kitchen, it is a bit better 😉

DVD cover for Let's Get Stepping by Debra MazdaI just love Let’s Get Stepping. It is such a good workout for no matter where you are in your fitness journey. I feel terrific after doing it. In fact, I didn’t do it Saturday or Sunday with the craziness of the weekend and after Saturday I could tell physically that I hadn’t done it that day. I was going to do it Sunday before church, but the warm blankets were holding me in bed and I must admit I was a willing hostage. After church a group of us went to a pumpkin patch and we walked a corn maze and had a blast and ended up home late.

Motivation is key here. I could have pried myself out of bed early on Sunday morning to do the routine. But I didn’t. And for that I am regretful for. I could have ignored the fact the rest of the entire family was around all day on Saturday and just done it. But I didn’t. I should have. I noticed a difference in how I feel physically after the first workout. I had more energy, my joints felt looser and more fluid. I’ve had issues with my right ankle for years and the last several months when I get up in the morning it has been extremely tight and stiff every morning. It wasn’t as bad on Thursday morning when I got up and it the pain and stiffness had decreased with each day I exercised. I liked that a lot. My husband even noticed when giving me a back rub how much more relaxed my muscles felt to him even. I felt more relaxed physically and emotionally and it is great.

And I even lost two pounds between Monday and Friday last week!!!!! You have no idea how ecstatic that made me. So I’ve gone from 258 pounds to 256. Every little bit is a victory.

And my favorite part thus far? For the last year or so I had noticed that if I walked any distance or sat in the car for more than an hour, my hands would retain some fluid and my wedding ring would be tight and hard to slide off. The trip to the pumpkin patch took nearly two hours to get down there yesterday and then there was a lot of walking around to see the sights and through the corn maze, then the two hour trip back home. My hands didn’t swell at all. My rings were comfortable the entire day.

I haven’t measured this week, I will next week. I need to get this published and email some pictures from yesterday, make the girls lunch and do Let’s Get Stepping. I like what this is doing to me!

I’m linking up with Heather at Marine Corps Nomads if you are wanting to see how the others on this challenge are doing!

I was given a copy of Let’s Get Stepping from Shapely Girl Fitness as a part of the Christian Woman Affiliate’s Review Crew. All opinions and results are mine and mine alone, no other compensation was received.

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