Oct 012012

I don’t know if you have gathered from some of my posts (mainly my failed 52 Fridays attempt…) but I have been slowly making changes to our lifestyle and have been trying to lose weight. I have been in need of losing quite a bit of weight for a very long time. You see, I’m only 5 foot 2 with shoes on. I was blessed with my mom’s side of the family in height and my dad’s side of big bones…And his side of the family’s larger sizes. Now it isn’t all genetics, I haven’t been diligent in controlling what I put into my body food wise and moving it as much as I should.

I need to lose about a hundred pounds. I have been slowly shedding the weight. And I mean s.l.o.w.l.y….My favorite shirt is now a bit baggy on me. I have some extra room in the waistbands of a few skirts and my lone pair of jeans. Several of my t-shirts are fitting better.

However, it is passed time for me to kick my efforts up a notch or several.

I was chosen to do a month long review of Debra Mazda’s ShapelyGirl Fitness DVD. Out of the selection in her store, I chose the Let’s Get Stepping as I thought that looked like it would be the most fun. I think I was right. I sat and watched the routine and fell in love with the music styles used, the varied steps and styles (aside from just stepping using the risers, there was some dancing and zumbaesque moves, some kickboxing and with toning exercises!) It is not your old fashioned boring exercise routine. You can even chose to mix it up by choosing from among different presets.

And the best part of previewing the DVD? The fact that all of the ladies in it are not stick thin super models dressed so immodestly that I don’t want my children in the room while I am exercising makes me thrilled. That and as opposed to so many other DVDs I’ve seen not once was what I would consider an inappropriate term used (I’ve seen DVDs that use alternate words for rear ends, uses curse words and such which I do not tolerate or want my children to hear to repeat). The ladies in this video are all covered up, no midriffs showing, most are in long pants (one was in capris) and all except Debra were wearing short sleeved shirts. I appreciate the lack of exposed flesh. I am not ashamed if my husband is in the room with this playing as opposed to other exercise videos and their lack of covering.

I am so excited to be a part of this review and to share my experience with you. I will be doing this video at least three times a week. For the first week to break myself in I intend to do the shorter workouts and then on the second week I plan on doing the full hour. On the off days, I will do the toning exercises. The intent is to do part of this DVD daily for five days, do something else active with the family on Saturdays and then take Sundays off. The intent is to loose inches around my waist, hips, thighs and hopefully the upper arms.

Now time for some brutal honesty. At the start of this challenge I weigh: 258 lbs (well, that was a shock, I haven’t weighed myself in ages…)
Arms measure: 16 inches
Chest: 48.5 inches
Waist: 49 inches
Hips: 57.5 inches
Thighs: 30 inches
Calves: 18 inches

It is safe to say, those numbers humiliate me. I have never taken my measurements before. If that isn’t motivation to do something drastic, I don’t know what is.

The intent is to become a healthier me. Losing weight and inches, shrinking sizes (I am currently about a 22/24 2-3X depending on brand and style) is just a nice side effect of this venture.

Healthy eating is coming along in my life. Last month got kind of side tracked with my husband being out of work for several weeks and not having a pay check with which to buy the healthier foods we had gotten accustomed to. We have been working on eliminating processed foods from our lives and eating whole, real foods. We will continue to pursue that as a family while going on this venture.

Pray for me and the other 26 ladies on this review as we seek to make the changes in our lives that will bring honor and glory to God through our bodies. Which are His temple.

To see how the others in this review are doing (and to leave a note of encouragement) feel free to visit them too!

I was provided a copy of Let’s Get Stepping by ShapelyGirl Fitness through the Christian Women’s Affiliate Crew. All opinions (and results) are mine and mine alone an no other compensation was received.

  4 Responses to “ShapelyGirl Fitness, a Month Long Venture!”

  1. “And the best part of previewing the DVD? The fact that all of the ladies in it are not stick thin super models dressed so immodestly that I don’t want my children in the room while I am exercising makes me thrilled.”

    AMEN! Great post. I am doing and reviewing with you and you can count on my prayers dear.

  2. Glad you are part of the challenge. It’s gonna be great. Praying for you.

  3. Stopping by to give you some encouragement and to let you know I’m confident we are going to complete this challenge with great success.

  4. We can do this together! I think the key to our success will be praying for and encouraging each other. Glad you’re part of the group!

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