Sep 202012

I can’t believe we are nearly through week week 4 of our second six week cycle of school already! Where has the time gone?

I also can’t believe that a week from this coming Saturday, the Bugs is going to be six! How did that happen so fast? We just brought her home from the hospital!!!!

We were gifted with a dehydrator a while back and I have used it for the first time this past week too. My first foray into dehydrating was chili peppers. We now have our own chili powder. It took way less time to dehydrate them than I thought. And yes, I knew to do it outdoors as opposed to potentially pepper gassing ourselves in the house. Right now I’m dehydrating some peppermint. The house is starting to smell minty. Later today I’m also going to dry up some oregano, basil and sage. I also need to get a loaf of bread in the bread machine. And then I should get ready to throw supper in the crockpot. We’re having beef stroganoff tonight.

Well, I should get the girls started on school. I delayed the start today as I’m waiting for the tech from our internet service provider to come check out why our connection is so wonky. I wasn’t wanting to interrupt school for when he arrived, but I don’t want to delay it any longer.

Hope you have had a good week!

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