Jul 242012

We are on our third week of school already after having started on July 9. It has been so insanely hot that playing outside for any more than about two minutes causes melting, so we figured why not get a head start on the year? This way we can take off some extra time when the weather finally cools off and have a load of fun then. Besides, there is a huge Four Day Homeschoolers Conference/Fellowship/Field Trip coming up in September that we are really hoping to get to go to. 4 Days in the 4 States looks like a blast. Your choice as to which group to go with to different historical/art/nature sites, get to see six in three days, along with fellowship, food, music and the chance to see Finding Nemo in 3D.

I haven’t gone over what all we have chosen this year for school. So this post shall do just that in case you are looking for curriculum yet or wanted to know what we were using. Some of it is a hold over from last year and review items we hadn’t finished off for various reasons. There are links for you to go see what we’ve chosen, however, none of them are affiliate links for me so I will not profit if you click on anything in this post.

For Bible this year, we are finishing off Mighty Acts of God before moving on to Who is God and How Can I Know Him? and Princess Training. I wish I could have gotten the coloring books for Who is God, however, I know we’ll have plenty to do without them. I intend to do Who is God on Fridays with Princess Training done the rest of the week. We’ll do them until we are finished and then find something else for our Bible time.

For history, we are continuing with the The Mystery of History Volume II. We love how it is presented in chronological order from creation forward. The activities are easily adaptable to my children’s levels. The projects are easy to adapt and so is the timeline and the note card option. There are only three lessons a week plus doing the timeline, note cards and projects so you can make this curriculum fit into your schedule quite easily.

Science this year is from Apologia and we are doing Botany. My MIL let me take home a tub full of things to do the experiments with and I can’t wait to start that. We skipped the notebooking journals this year for the sake of finances. I was hoping that we would be living more real-life botany class outside with the garden this six week term, however with the heat, my vegetables are cooking on the plants and aren’t setting new blooms. We’ll see what happens with that project when it cools down…

To introduce creative writing and some grammar, we are using the Primary Arts of Language; Writing (includes All About Spelling). We have done several lessons with PAL, and let me say, it is amazing. Both girls are thinking through stories, figuring out who the main characters are (and yes, Bugs who is 5 knows what a main character is and can point them out very quickly), what the problem(s) in the story is and recognizing the solution and even figuring out what the lesson to be learned is. This is an excellent program and worth every penny we spent on it. Spelling starts later in the program and I can’t wait. I’ve heard wonderful things about All About Spelling and how it teaches the why of all the phonetic combinations, teaches them logically and uses all of the learning styles to do so. We will also be occasionally tossing in First Language Lessons later in the year.Though my copy is the older one with level one and two inside, which I bought from a friend used.

Math this year is Horizons K for both of them. Which after the first week, I realized I probably should have gotten them the first grade instead. Both of the girls are moving very quickly through the kindergarten program and we’ve been doing two math lessons a day. So we may be purchasing first grade math for them for Christmas. Beans will love that. She begs to do her math every day. Last year using her Beginning Mathematical Reasoning book, she actually cried when I would cut her off after doing three or four pages each day in it. I bought the complete set and an additional set of workbooks for the girls. They are loving this math program. So far, I like it a lot too. It is easy to teach, you can find extras in your house to use for hands-on activities and so far it is going swimmingly. Both of the girls like how colorful the workbooks are, and I don’t find them obnoxious.

Handwriting is again A Reason for Writing. Bugs is doing Level A and Beans has K. I love how scripture is incoprorated into the weekly lessons in level A after the review period. Bugs has been finding the review boring, but sitting and doing handwriting is not her favorite activity. Should would much rather be dictating a story or listening to one.

We are continuing on with The Ordinary Parents’ Guide to Teaching Reading for Beans. We are moving slowly through it and I’m making Bugs help me teach the Beans her letter sounds to reinforce them for her. Bugs can read, quite a bit it seems, but not outloud. So, I will be starting Learning-Aids with Learning Link Technologies to get the two halves of her brain communicating better together. I can’t wait to start the exercises with the Bugs. I’m still rounding up a few items we need to begin and learning the program myself. (I was offered a review of the program, so stay tuned for more info on this program and how it works!).

We are intending to finish up Vintage Remedies’ book for kids (which is currently not listed on their website). It is a great nutrition/health book which incorporates easily into Home Ec.

For Art, we will toss in Artistic Pursuits K book. I loved their preschool book and this one looks like it is as much fun.

Music is whatever we feel like looking into at this point. The girls absolutely love listening to Tchaikovsky. I’m hoping to get a few more of the CDs from Maestro Classics to introduce them to more great music. Next year probably Dad may begin introducing them reading music and keyboarding or guitar. He is the music guy in our home.

I’m hoping to get some more of the Bob Books series. We have the first box and Bugs loves being able to read them.

Add in some fun field trips like Prairie Day at George Washington Carver’s birthplace. This takes place on September 8 this year and is always quite a bit of fun. This year, Bugs will be old enough to earn a Jr. Ranger Badge we think. They haven’t released what all is going on for this year’s Prairie Day yet, but I’m sure it is going to be as fun as ever. We are also thinking of going to the Candy House again. That was a blast last time. The tour was great fun, they took the time to really answer questions and were so nice with the girls. If you ever get over to Southwest Missouri, take the time to get a tour of the Candy House.

We also will be adding in fun stuff I’ve found on Pinterest. There are tons of great fun ideas for school, art, homemaking…Feel free to go find me over there and follow. I’m Created for Home there too.

Well, that is what we are planning on for this year. Lots of fun, lots of learning. What are you planning on using? Feel free to share in the comments or leave a link to your post (please make sure it is a direct link if you do!)

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