Jul 062012

Ah, yet another Friday has come and half gone. Seriously, how does the time go so fast these days? I remember when I was little and time would just drag and drag and drag. Now, I blink and the girls are inches taller, a year older and several seasons have come and gone.

I slipped up on the housekeeping this week. It has just been so hot and I’m so not motivated or really caring. We had the car most of the week and we hardly did anything with it even! But then it doesn’t help that we are in our third week of excessive heat and the car doesn’t have air conditioning. We finally made it grocery shopping yesterday and the chocolate chips melted in the trunk on their trip back home from across town. It is supposed to cool down quite a bit by Tuesday for about a week. I certainly am hoping so. My poor tomatoes aren’t happy and have stopped setting blossoms. And the few blossoms they did have dried up and got all crunchy. The serrano peppers are quite happy though. So are the hot banana peppers. We harvested enough to pickle three jelly jars full this week. I was so excited when all the jars sealed.

My skirts are all looser fitting. And my favorite shirt is nearly too big for me now! Kind of sad over that as it was my pink tuxedo ruffled shirt. However, it is kind of exciting too. I hate having to get new clothes so this shall be an interesting experience. I have quite a bit more weight to lose before I need to replace everything though.

Sunday is our 7th wedding anniversary. Friends of ours are taking the girls for the afternoon so HubbaHubba and I can have the afternoon together. It has been an incredible 7 years and I look forward to the rest of our lives together.

I have to plan out our first six week term of school. We start back on Monday. Figured why not with the heat, the girls have been begging to start school again and we’ll get extra time off when the weather is much nicer to be outside in that way too. My last book for school came yesterday in the mail so I am excited. The girls and I are very excited to be starting school back up.

Well, I should get off and get to finishing cleaning the bedroom. And then tackle the bathroom. Have a great weekend!

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