Jun 292012

Well, it is Friday. At least the calendar says it is. Sure feels like it should be past that already. We had VBS this week Sunday through Wednesday that threw us off.

It is beyond hot here. Not as hot as other places in the U.S, but still. And it is only June. I think my Farmer’s Almanac was off this year for the weather. I am so not looking forward to the electric bill with the a/c running. Or our next water bill. We filled a 30 inch high by 10 foot across pool this past month. That pool sure has been a blessing though. Great exercise and time has been spent with the kids in it.

My cherry tomatoes are starting to ripen. It’s too hot for the tomatoes to set blossoms right now so there will be a lull after what is already fruited ripens to more. My pepper have exploded with fruit too. HubbaHubba’s hot peppers have beyond exploded. The Serrano pepper plant has more than eleven peppers on it. The banana peppers are loaded and one of our bell peppers is needing staked up because it is so top heavy at the moment. HubbaHubba is sure looking forward to making his own hot sauce and pickling the banana peppers. I have some melons in and they are growing slowly so I’ll probably have them in August ready to pick. I can’t wait. Next year I’m going to have to plant some honeydew for HubbaHubba as that is his favorite melon. This year we have cantaloupe and watermelons.

This past week we ate a lot of take out. It was just such a crazy week. I tried to plan for it, and the girls and I did eat at home before heading to VBS, but with dinner being at four, they were starving by the time it was over at 8:30 and HubbaHubba needed to eat too as we picked him up from work on our way to the church. I got to keep the car most of this week (today is the first day I’ve not had it) as he’s had to be to work well before 7 in the morning for a job an hour away, so he got picked up by a coworker so the girls and I could at least make it to VBS if he didn’t get back in town on time.

The girls get one more week of summer break before we start back to doing school. They keep asking me when school is going to start again as they are getting rather bored and out of sorts with the lack of that routine. I thought of starting it Monday, however with the 4th of July in the middle of the week and then our wedding anniversary the following weekend, we decided that it would be better to wait until July 9th. Gives me an extra week to plan out our first six week term anyway.

I did get July’s monthly meal plan made yesterday. And got most of the kitchen caught up from not being home (how in the world does the house get so messy when we aren’t here? Are there mess making elves that come when no one’s home?). The living room is picked up again. Have to put yesterday’s emergency load of laundry away. I hate handling it after it gets taken out of the dryer as it just exudes so much heat. I would hang them out if I had a clothes line. Maybe I’ll ask for that for an anniversary present this year. Wonder where I would put such a thing in our back yard though…I think I’m going to go price the umbrella type I grew up with now.

So, there’s the synopsis of our crazy goings on. Hope your are having a blessed summer and are finding ways to stay cool.

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