Jun 152012

So, I have no idea what week this is…Oh well. That’s life, isn’t it?

The last two weeks have flown by between the TPA Conference, cleaning the house from being gone (has anyone figured out how your house gets trashed like the second you return from a trip?)  and life in general…

I’ve been making sure to eat more veggies and whole foods since we’ve returned. Being at the conference was great and well, I got to eat out like five times over the weekend. And of course, well, I didn’t always make the best choices, but they weren’t horrid choices either. Well, except for the stop at the donut shop on the way to the convention that Saturday. Which was hilarious.  You see, the convention was held in downtown Wichita, the exact same weekend as the kickoff for Riverfest (a large festival with rides, concerts, activities and a marathon). We get close to where we needed to go when they start closing the roads around us for the marathon. We had to drive around to find the back way into the donut shop where we sat eating a very naughty breakfast of excellent donuts and coffee while people ran past who apparently have never eaten a donut in their lives. We had to laugh at that. Nothing against runners (my sister is one), it just struck us as kind of funny.

Other than that, I haven’t been too bad on the food front. I made a batch of Energy Bites two days ago and the entire family likes them. They make a great breakfast if you need something in a hurry. And they are filling. Two will be fine for breakfast with a glass of milk!

The house is coming back into order from our being gone…The garden has been caught up and things are coming back into a resemblance of normal. In the week before we left, I became the Social Media Manager for my husband’s small business. So now I’m figuring out how to wrap that into everyday life. I’m quite thankful for those applications that let you schedule posts out in advance. I’m learning Hootsuite and the more I learn, the faster I get with it so that is good. Because of my new job in social media, we now have a real internet connection at the house. No more waiting for HubbaHubba to get home to tether! It is great. However, I’ve found that I have spent way too much time on Pinterest…(Which if you want to follow me on there, I’m Created for Home there too).

I have to get going and make the girls their lunch. I’m hungry too.

How are you doing in making your life more disciplined? Let us know so we can encourage you along!

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