Apr 142012

Well, they say you make a grander entrance if you’re late…

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

I’m just being fashionably late. Yeah, that’s it! Really, life has been super busy the last few weeks and I have had no time getting this post ready at all! Two weeks ago, we got an unexpected blessing of a trip to the Women of Faith One Day in Wichita. That was a huge blessing in and of itself, and was totally a God orchestrated event for the weekend.

Here at Created for Home, I talk about homeschooling our two daughters, the Bugs (5) and the Beans (4). They are a lot of fun and it is such a blessing to be able to customize their education to how they learn. Last week, they decided they wanted some extra time off for Sabbath week next week so they did all of their school work for the week in two days. We then spent yesterday watching new communication lines be run on the electric poles. It was great.

I’m married to the most amazing man ever. HubbaHubba is my tech support, reacher of tall items and the absolute love of my life. We will have been married for seven years this July and a day doesn’t go by that I am not thanking God for the gift HubbaHubba is to me.

Occasionally I post a recipe for something that I’ve come up with that we all liked. I’ve made Smile Soup for the girls for lunch, and I worked out an incredible Chicken Italiano recipe. My husband begs for the Chicken Italiano on a regular basis. And the best part is, it is so simple and easy to make!

Our word for the year this year is Discipline. I started a 52 Fridays to a More Disciplined life series. And well, laugh at the irony, but I haven’t been that disciplined in writing every Friday with it. We spent most of the month of February sick and barely functioning which just got us all off kilter. Feel free to join in with us though! My friend Annette is writing for it on her blog too. Go check her out.

I live in Joplin and I’ve written some of what we went through last year with the tornado. I’ve been shying away from the topic, because well, after you live it for so long you are just sick of it. I mean, we live with destruction on a daily basis, had to revamp our lives totally because our normal was ripped from us, and I’m tired of thinking about it so I haven’t been talking about it much. I will say this sure has been quite the learning experience for us all. And God doesn’t leave you somewhere without a reason.

For fun, and to supplement the family I do quite a few book and product reviews. We have no extra money in our budget for fun things like my reading addiction, so I do book reviews to feed it. I haven’t been taking on as many book reviews recently with spring upon us though.

I also write about whatever topic I feel like needs to be addressed or if I just have to share something. A lot of times it is about how God has been working in our life and I just have to share it. We have been blessed beyond measure. While life hasn’t been easy for us, and according to the world’s standards, we are in poverty, we are rich. We’ve never gone hungry, we have what we need and a lot of extras have been provided by our loving God. We are also rich in faith and love. I wouldn’t trade it for any amount of money.

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  1. I LOVE reading. What are you reading lately?

    We homeschool too. But I dont think I have any children dedicated enough to finish a week’s worth of work in 2 days.

    Back to the party.

  2. Thanks for sharing with us your great activities, very impressive works with God who are able to gift all of this matter…

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