Apr 022012

Do you ever wonder if what you do matters? If where you go, if you choose to try to do this or that matters in the grand scheme of things or it really doesn’t matter? Do you wonder if God puts things in place for things to happen or if it all is just random? Do the little details of your life matter?

Life here had been coasting along and with the change of the seasons come the regular chores of spring. Cleaning up flower beds (actually planting them this year…), mowing the lawn, opening up the house, planning a garage sale. I’m sure you know how life changes with the dawn of spring from the sleep of winter. This past weekend we had planned on mowing and getting some work done around the house, going to small group Saturday night and church on Sunday. Nothing spectacularly out of the ordinary and blissfully our routine.

Well, God had other plans. And by other plans, I mean majorly differing from what we had decided on, and it was so obviously Him all the way.
To understand a bit, I am not a spur of the moment individual. Spontaneous for me is no more than three days of planning, and I prefer several weeks’ notice for events and such. I thrive on predictability, routines and structure. Friday, I was getting ready to use Twitter and I notice that Sheila Walsh tweeted right before I got on that she had some tickets to the Women of Faith One Day in Wichita on Saturday to giveaway. I had resigned myself to not going at all several months ago, though I really wanted to. In fact, it was one of those, we’ll not be able to afford it dismissals that I never even approached the throne with. Figuring I wouldn’t win, I texted HubbaHubba asking if I could try to win a ticket. He texted me back nearly immediately (which is rare when he’s at work, normally I don’t get a response for an hour or so) that if I won, he’d make a way to go out for the weekend. So I went out on a limb and tried. Low and behold, I get a tweet back offering me not one but two tickets. Here I was figuring too much time had gone since the offer of tickets and I had lost my chance and instead of not getting any, I was offered two! I texted HubbaHubba back right away to call his mom and see if it was ok if we came out this weekend (which of course it was, Grandmas always want their grandbabies around I’ve found out). I texted my chosen mom (you know, one of those ladies who is old enough to be your mother that just kind of takes you in sort of people.) to see if she wanted the extra ticket. Nana B (the girls call her Nana and well, why not just call her that on the blog). I knew I probably wouldn’t hear back from her for most of the day as she was at work.

However, Nana had been using her cell for a few moments and saw the text come in. She had also decided that it wasn’t going to work out for her to attend One Day either this year. Well, as things turned out, her husband ended up helping a neighbor put in a fence this past weekend and she was suddenly free to go. Papa M gave his blessing for our “Girls’ Day.”

So, since HubbaHubba worked until nearly nine on Tuesday night, he got off early on Friday, which was a HUGE help since I hadn’t planned on having to pack anything. I realized it was a huge blessing that for some random reason, I did laundry a day early on Thursday. I never do our clothes on Thursdays. If I do any laundry it is typically kitchen towels or extras like afghans or curtains…And the dishes were all caught up for a change too.

We get packed, had dinner (meatloaf which I had already put together) and cooked up the meat I had defrosted for Saturday and left. It was a nice peaceful trip and the girls slept for a good part of it so HubbaHubba and I could talk uninterrupted. It was a nice trip to Wichita from Joplin. The weather was perfect for a car that has no air conditioning.

Saturday dawned and Nana B picked me up on the way to One Day. We are standing in line when we find several other ladies from the church I used to attend when I lived in Wichita and that Nana B attends, along with others that used to attend who were in town visiting that weekend. So, we get to sit with the group and have lunch together. It was an incredible day. I was filled spiritually, was with women that are like family to me and it was just a great day all around. Nana B and I agreed that everything just fell into place so perfectly for our day together, no matter how unplanned it was. From their neighbors deciding to put in a fence and needing help and splitting the cost, her having her cell even turned on at work that day and getting the text, me having had the laundry done a day early (which is amazing with two preschoolers), just “happening” to log into Twitter and seeing Sheila’s offer and being offered two tickets and HubbaHubba getting off work early on Friday.

Nana dropped me off at my mother-in-love’s house after such an incredible day and we thought nothing more of it. Until Sunday…

Grandma (my MIL) was getting ready to go teach her Sunday School class. The Bugs wanted to go with her, however, her sister was actually sleeping in and I didn’t want Beans woken up (she is a BEAR if she gets awakened before she’s ready). Their clothes were all in the room they were sharing and I knew if Bugs went in, Beans would wake up and it would be U.G.L.Y. Bugs wasn’t too happy with the decree that she would go and meet Grandma at church for services and miss Sunday School. Telling Bugs was hard, but I knew it was the right thing to do. You have no idea how right.

Beans wakes up finally and we’re getting her fed, Bugs dressed and taking our time as we had plenty to spare on a Sunday; which is totally abnormal for us. We were enjoying the slower pace in our preparations. I’m just stepping out of the shower when HubbaHubba bursts into the bathroom to inform me that the church called, his mom had fallen in the parking lot and cut her chin bad enough to need a trip to the emergency room for stitches.

Now, it just so happened that the person who witnessed her fall was the wife of a physician in the congregation and was able to get her help right away. Dr. Phil (no, not the guy on television…) was able to get a look at mom’s chin and decide that it needed stitches so he escorted her to the E.R. We were so grateful that the Bugs wasn’t there to watch her Grandma fall like that, and that she wasn’t there to be fallen on top of. Bugs is the sort of girl who would try to keep someone from falling and would have gone to try and catch her Grandma. That could have been really bad (Bugs hurt possibly severely, Grandma with a load of guilt, to even just witnessing it and the trauma would have been Bugs’ after).

We get loaded up and some clean clothes for mom (if you have ever seen a facial laceration, you know those BLEED) and head over to the ER. HubbaHubba then stayed with her while the girls and I went back home as the roast in the crockpot was needing removed and potatoes picked up for lunch (which turned into supper). We get to the house, and realize that I didn’t have the garage door opener nor did I have a set of keys to get into the house. By then it was this woman’s prerogative to really need the necessary so we head to Wal-Mart and call HubbaHubba for advice. He said he was fairly certain that he had left the back garage door unlocked after some yard work on Saturday. Only problem was, I was going to have to figure out how to open the privacy fence’s gate from the wrong side…And this gate belongs to a six foot privacy fence, and I’m short. Just a hair over five feet tall.

That took ten minutes of pushing and finagling and going so far as to hold my phone up over the six foot gate to snap a picture of the locking mechanism (I’m grateful I didn’t drop the phone into the mud on the other side). It finally opened. And thankfully, HubbaHubba had left the back garage door unlocked so I didn’t have to drive back across town for keys or break in. I had visions of trying to explain to the fine officers of the Wichita Police Department why I was breaking into my MIL’s house with two preschoolers in tow…

We get the roast rescued, go back out for potatoes and get them peeled and then leave to wait in the E.R. parking lot to be there when Mom is released (found a shaded spot and we had grabbed the laptop so the girls could watch a movie while we waited). They insisted on x-rays to check for fractures in her jaw and head and her hips. Thankfully they all came back clear. Since it was so late and we were all ravenous, we ate at Spangles for lunch and had the roast for supper.

We hadn’t planned on a trip to Wichita last weekend at all. It was so spur of the moment for us, and yet, it was so obviously guided by the hand of God. HubbaHubba working late on Tuesday to get half of Friday off, laundry being done a day early, logging in to Twitter just in time to win tickets to One Day which caused us to have to go to Wichita then Mom having that oopsie moment tripping over one of those little bump things they put in a parking lot. We were there for her when she needed us.

Then God was so gracious on the trip back home last night. We left Wichita close to seven-thirty or so. Way later than we wanted, but then we were running late on everything after spending a half of a day waiting for stuff in the E.R. We had just gotten East of Wichita when suddenly there were two does in the road that we had to swerve into the other lane to avoid. It was a way closer call than I would have liked. Then, I was driving and just past Fredonia a coyote or wolf (not sure which, I can’t really tell them apart at night and HubbaHubba was playing a game on his phone and not watching) nearly met the bumper of our car. We also had to pull over for several fire squads that appeared out of nowhere. We ended up passing a field that was on fire (looked like a control burn that got out of control when the wind suddenly picked up). I was going to pull over close to Cherryvale to switch drivers, but as I approached the exit, I felt a nudge to just go on until Parsons. Since we had spent a weekend feeling those nudges and obeying them, I decided now wasn’t the time to stop. I do not know what we avoided by going on to Parsons before stopping, but I’m sure it was what I was supposed to do.

After we switch drivers and we’re a half hour from home, a cat dashed out in front of the car in the middle of nowhere. That cat has lived to see today (at least to my knowledge, if it decided to play chicken with anyone else it may not have been so “lucky”). God was surely making sure we arrived home safely. Though I will admit to being weary of the near misses, it just went to show how God is there all the time to help us through and guide us in what we should do and where we should go. He is most definitely in the details. Are you looking for Him there?

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