Feb 022012


So, the last two days have been rather difficult with the Bugs’ behavior. So for lunch today, I made smile soup.

All I did was make some tomato soup (water recipe since we’re out of milk until tonight). Poured it into bowls, then shredded some amercian cheese and gently placed it around the top edge to make hair. Then I grabbed the heavy whipping cream, put some in a spoon and super gently dropped in the eyes, nose and mouth. The girls loved it and didn’t want to stir it together to eat 🙂

What do you do to make lunch special for your kids or to let them know they are loved?


  One Response to “Smile Soup”

  1. this was so cute!
    for Valentine’s day, i made the letter “I” from pretzel sticks, heart-shaped pb&j sandwiches, and halved grapes to make the letter “U”. So, the kids’ lunches spelled I “love” you. they thought it was great.
    i’m sure they would enjoy smile soup!

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