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So, I didn’t wager on my post for our word for the year to cause people to start planting ideas in my head….So that posted and by Wednesday night, my friend Annette suggested doing something together which started the growth of an idea. Due to many contributing factors on Wednesday night I was up half of it with a case of insomnia and to keep from thinking of what was keeping me awake, my mind kept going to her comment.

So, because one is more likely to reach their goals if they have shared them with others, we all need accountability and journeys are more fun with friends along for the ride, I have decided that we are going to go on a journey of 52 Fridays To A More Disciplined Life. Feel free to comment and add to the discussion and write on your own blogs and leave the link in the comments for this week (if we get enough interest, I’ll host a linky)

The word discipline in our culture seems to have taken on the meaning of punishment. That is not the case. The origin of the word from dictionary.com means:

Word Origin & History


early 13c., from O.Fr. descepline, from L. disciplina “instruction given to a disciple,” from discipulus (see disciple).
Sense of “treatment that corrects or punishes” is from notion of “order necessary for instruction.”
The Latin word is glossed in O.E. by þeodscipe.
“branch of instruction or education” is first recorded late 14c.Meaning
“military training” is from late 15c.; that of “orderly conduct as a result of training” is from c.1500.
The verb is attested from c.1300. Related: Disciplined; disciplines

So, basically, the word means to train. We train our children in the ways we desire them to behave. We train our dogs not to use the kitchen floor as a restroom. We need to train ourselves to take care of ourselves spiritually, physically, mentally and in maintaining that which we have been entrusted with.The Bible has a lot to say about discipline. It tells us what happens when we don’t discipline our children, how to discipline our children, to have self-control (discipline)….I think this passage from Hebrews explains it pretty well.

Hebrews 12:11 Now all discipline seems painful at the time, not joyful. 14 But later it produces the fruit of peace and righteousness 15 for those trained by it. 12:12 Therefore, strengthen 16 your listless hands andyour weak knees, 17 12:13 and make straight paths for your feet, 18 so that what is lame may not be put out of joint but be healed.

Now, since this is still the start of the New Year, most of us have given ourselves some very large goals to meet. I know I have some big ones that make me question my sanity 😉 I mean, lose 100 pounds? Keep the house clean all the time? Keep up on the dishes? Homeschooling? Reading the Bible more? So, if we break it down into smaller bites, we’ll get our elephants eaten by December 31, 2012 and since this is a leap year, we get an extra day to do so.

In my efforts to be closer to God this year, I intend to read through my 1 Year Chronological Bible daily. At least at some point during the day…I am not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination and cannot function for the first thirty minutes or so I am awake in the morning.

In order to lose weight, I intend to make better food choices. I am taking the Vintage Remedies Eight Weeks to Whole Foods course (free online if you want to sign up, but hurry!) and cutting out processed foods, artificial ingredients and unnatural sugar out of our diet. We (and as a culture) appear to depend too much on processed quick foods that contain things that probably shouldn’t be eaten by man nor beast. I do know that when I switched from store bought bread to homemade, my husband and I felt better and started to lose some weight. Also, we are all (culturally) addicted to sugar. It isn’t good for our health. And if you cut it cold turkey, you get physical withdrawals. I don’t want something to be controlling me like that. So goodbye to excess sugars. We will be working natural sweeteners into our diet more (like honey and stevia) and weaning ourselves off the white sugar/added sugar habit.

I am just going to have to work at keeping the house picked up and the dishes done….Our master bedroom has been nice for three weeks now, the bathroom has stayed good for several months. My biggest issues is keeping the kitchen clean, living room picked up and the girls’ room is always a disaster. In order to accomplish peace and cleanliness in our home, we need to go through and get rid of unwanted and unused items. It isn’t right to hang onto stuff that we don’t need or want when others could use them. I was so convicted of this after the tornado. Here I was with a house still standing, and full of stuff that we didn’t use or need and so many were left with absolutely nothing. I’ve come to the conclusion that hoarding things you don’t need or use is a form of gluttony. It is gluttony of stuff. And I for one don’t want to be guilty of that sin. So as the year progresses, I do intend on purging through the house and having a large yard sale. As things are gotten rid of, I won’t have to keep picking them up, cleaning them and what we choose to keep will be easier to maintain as it won’t be competing for time and attention of what we’ve shed.

So, for our first of 52 Fridays, I shall begin with my list:

1) Reading the days corresponding in my 1 year Chronological Bible.

2) Limiting my sweet southern style tea to three glasses total a day.

3) Choosing not to drink any soda. It is a once a week or so treat as it is, however, it is one that I really don’t need.

4) Keeping up with our school plans for the week.

5) Starting on Monday with the 30 Day Shred. Again. And forcing myself to do level 1 all the way through each weekday. If I get to a point where I do not think I can do what they are doing on the screen, I will at the least march in place for that segment.

6) Do the dishes after every meal, no matter what. Except Wednesday night, then they will be done when we arrive home from church.

I know this journey is not going to be easy. Old habits really do die hard. Yet, if we support each other in our pursuit of a more disciplined life, the burden will seem to be a bit lighter. We can lean on each other for support, celebrate our successes and encourage each other when we fall.

So, how are you planning on living a more disciplined life this year? Share and join in this journey. If enough people are interested, I could host a linky on Fridays with this. Just let me know! And there is a button over on the right sidebar if want to snag it for your blog as we go on this journey together.


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  1. Hey! I am encouraged from your post! I’ve begun the decluttering process in our house! The library is almost finished, the guest room and hall bath are done…those were the easy ones! Working on the craft room…ugh! It is a disaster in there right now, overwhelming, in fact. I’ve decided I am going to box it all up, clean and then unload one box at a a time. Keep up with what you are doing and know I’m supporting you with thoughts and prayers! Love you and miss you all!

  2. I’m in!!! I’ll be following along with you! 🙂

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