Jan 032012

The last several years, I had heard of people choosing a word of the year for themselves. A word they wanted to use to remind themselves of what they wanted to achieve/accomplish/remember for the whole year. So, last year, I decided to join the bandwagon, so to speak. I chose the word CULTIVATE.

I strived to cultivate so much last year. I wanted to cultivate a peaceful home, a love of learning in my children, myself into a better person. While I didn’t get half of what I wanted achieved, there was still progress, which is important. Add into the mix the tornado in May and well, life went haywire for most of us here.

This year, I thought long and hard about the word to incorporate into my life. I prayed and thought about it, I read what others were choosing. And finally, I had my word. This year, my word is DISCIPLINE.

I want a more disciplined life. I want to strive to be more disciplined in my homekeeping. I don’t want the house to get insanely messy and disorganized before I do anything about it. I want it kept neat and clean, inviting and welcoming to all who enter. I want it to be a place where ministry happens to my family and all who come through my doors. It won’t happen unless I discipline myself into keeping it neat and welcoming.

I want to be more disciplined with doing school with the girls. The last year, we did school, but it wasn’t the joyful time of discovery and learning that I wanted. We didn’t do much extra fun things. The Bugs and I fought over several of her phonics lessons. I want the girls to learn as much as they can, but they can’t do it if I am not disciplined to really plan out for them a good course of study and include the really fun things that I know they would enjoy.

I want to lose weight this year. Well, I’ve wanted to lose weight for several years now, but this is the first time I’ve ever said so on my blog. You see, I’ve always been on the heavier side. And after the girls came along 17 months apart, my weight really crept up on me. I am currently the heaviest I have ever been and I am disgusted with myself. I have read books, tried making changes, tried exercising, but I always give up. I forget it took time to get this way, and it is going to take time to get it off. I am sick to death of shopping in the plus sized clothes section where it costs more. I’m sick of all the cute clothes not fitting me. I think this is part of my journey into more colorful, eye pleasing clothing choices. It isn’t healthy for me to weigh this much either. So I will discipline myself into a healthier lifestyle including time in exercise. It isn’t being selfish to take the time to do it. I am not taking anything away from my family by taking the time to exercise, I will be giving to them instead.

I want to be more disciplined in my spiritual life. Devotions and Bible in school with the girls have been my main fare for personal growth. Yeah, the Preschoolers Devotional book and Leading Little Ones to God honestly doesn’t have any meat for me. I need to read the Bible for myself daily. I need to study for myself daily if I want to grow and thrive. I need to discipline myself more on taking the time for myself for study and reflection. Otherwise, I am not going to have anything left to give. Nor will I be where I belong, secure in the love of my Savior and following His will for my life.

So, have you chosen a word for the year? Want to share? Just leave a comment telling what word you picked and why or a link to your blog. If it doesn’t show up right away, don’t worry, it will. Sometimes it sends things to be moderated if there’s a link in the comment. I look forward to seeing what word you chose for the year!.

  4 Responses to “Word for 2012”

  1. I think my word would be the same – DISCIPLINE!!!! I’m right in line with you! In fact, I have a post waiting to go live with many of these same thoughts!!! We can make the journey together if you like!! I’m really ready to lose weight & work at it (let’s face it – that’s what holds up back. The work!) and I’m ready to be more disciplined in my spiritual walk!!! So…LET’S DO THIS!!!!

  2. I am thinking the same. I’ve been using every excuse to not do what I need to be doing, be it social, home, health, or family. I joined the Hello Mornings Challenge on Inspired to Actions, and have a preplanned group. You are welcome to join us. Its accountability to getting up before the kids, being in the Word, and excercising. Starts Monday 🙂

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