Dec 152011

Man, life has this way of creeping up on you, doesn’t it?

I mean, I’ve had every intention to sit down and write for the last week. However, with Christmas quickly approaching, shopping for gifts, getting the house ready for company (Grandma, and HubbaHubba’s sister and her husband will be joining us at our home for Christmas this year. It is the first year we are hosting the family gathering) and preparing to meet my parents half-way on Saturday for lunch and to exchange gifts with them, along with doing school, cooking, regular housework and such, time has slipped through my hands.

We don’t have any snow yet. Which is perfectly normal for Joplin this time of year. Finally, some “normal” weather for us. After the insane blizzard and then the tornado, I’ll take normal and boring any day of the week. I can’t believe next week it will have been seven months since the day our lives were turned on end. I’ve been meaning to write a post about it, but every time I go to write it, no words come out. Nothing reads right and it isn’t what I am wanting to say. I have so much I want to get out, but it isn’t coming. Perhaps in time.

I’ve got a lot of other things I wish to write about. I need to sit down and write and schedule the posts. Ok, I also should sit down and map out what I want to post for the next year and force myself onto a better schedule. I’m working on it. I’m working on our routines and mine is included with that. Changing the regular routine is hard work so I’ve given myself to the end of January to really get to where I’m thinking we are headed.

School is going along swimmingly for the girls. They just absorb so much. Beans is in love with her math book. She begs to do three times as much as I schedule for her. Bugs loves her Classical Phonics program that we got to review. She’s really taken off with it. And now Bugs is wanting to write books (which she has made several so far. She draws the pictures and then dictates what she wants them to say to me and I write it out for her). She is also wanting to turn her books into movies. Which is going to be a Daddy project.

HubbaHubba is busy at work. He’s finally getting some great contracts which means commission for us. I won’t complain 🙂 I’m so proud of my husband. He truly is the best husband ever, and no, I’m not biased in the least. Last Saturday he woke up earlier than normal and took the girls to breakfast and then Christmas shopping for me. He left a new book on the side of the tub for me to read (Queen of the Home from Vision Forum) and the Epsom Salts out with a note telling me he had already put the salt in the tub, to have a good soak and that they would be back about noon. It was wonderful to soak in a hot tub and just read. The girls and Daddy had a blast together too.

This past week I’ve been on a decluttering rampage I guess you could call it. I took a trash bag and went around the house pitching random receipts, papers, magazines and broken items. It was so freeing. Then I tackled and thoroughly cleaned our bedroom and started in on the bathroom today. Tomorrow will be the laundry area and the kitchen. I kind of didn’t clean out some of my cabinets and well they are needing it badly…I hate that job. I have to stand on a chair and the counters since I’m not much past five feet tall. I also need to scrub out the fridge before the company comes. After the kitchen comes the living room and then the girls’ room. Their room is last since it never stays picked up for very long…Though Bugs is now in charge of putting their hung up laundry away. And she’s been doing a great job with it. Beans is in charge of making sure all the dresser items are tucked away.

Oh, and Bugs begged and begged for days to start making breakfast for everyone. So, after putting her off for several days, we let her try. She fell in love. Granted, she gets out the granola bars, yogurt and washes the fruit, its a start. I’m looking for a small pitcher for the milk so she doesn’t have to man handle the gallon jug. I’m currently leaning towards reusing water bottles for that so she can expand her repatoire with cold cereal. Then it will be on to oatmeal in the microwave. She’s getting so big.

I want to apologize for the three reviews in a row tonight. I’ve been behind and am just now catching up. I have two more to get up tomorrow and they also have giveaways to go along with the Renuzit giveaway. All are short entry periods as I need to get these over with. Besides the FFH and My Memories are digital downloads so you won’t have to wait long for delivery.

Thanks for sticking with me!.

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  1. no apologies for your review posts – you write reviews like I like to read them – I hearted that little oral B one – and this post – getting rid of the clutter – talking about how your babies are taking to schooling so well – and your husband – your helpmeet – a husband needs his bride to be proud of him – we men – we thrive on that. Sometimes I think a woman wants to be cherished – and we need to cherish our women. But a man – he thrives on this respect – and support – you wrote both – and that makes me smile. The whole post made me smile – thank you. and about scheduling your posts – I probably don’t do it the right way – and so I stress all the time about my posts – most of mine are written the morning but they are posted – and I often don’t know what I’m going to post until I sit down to the keyboard. Your idea – I think it’s much better. And God bless and keep you and all of yours Chrissyanna.

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