Oct 222011

Ok, it is really no secret, I love Beverly Lewis’ writing. Have since she started years ago with the The Shunning. So I was thrilled to get to review the third book in The Rose Trilogy, The Mercy.

Hen’s husband is living with her again in the Dwadi Haus since his accident on the day they were to start divorce proceedings. His arm is broken and he’s lost his sight due to a concussion. Can Hen prove to him that she still loves him and wants to respect and honor him, despite his desire for a divorce? Can Brandon finally understand his need for a Savior and give up his worldly desires for the sake of their daughter? Can they both learn to compromise and to seek the other’s wellbeing above their own?

Rose finally is able to move on from loving Nick. After breaking up with Silas so he could pursue the girl he truly loves, Rose figures she is destined to be remain single. However, that changes when Isaac starts to court her. Can Rose finally let herself be loved by another? Can she finally give up her childhood dream of being married to Nick since he is no longer a part of the community? But is there something that isn’t right with Isaac too?

I love the themes of family and faith that abound in Beverly Lewis’ books. I love how she shows instead of preaches that what we do affects others, even if we think they won’t. That faith is the most important thing followed by our family. Reading this book I was struck with how we forget such basic things so often. We forget Who sustains us through all things, and that we do have the support and love of our family to draw on also. We do need to be reminded that we need to seek the Lord first and also seek the good of our families.

I highly recommend the entire Rose Trilogy to read. While fiction is a great diversion, these books also remind us of what is truly important in life.

I received a copy of The Mercy by Beverly Lewis from Bethany House in exchange for this review. All opinions are mine and mine alone, and no other compensation was received..

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