Oct 142011

I wonder how I got such funny children at times.

Today has been one of those days when I was groggy waking up and was dealing with sinus issues. I wasn’t expecting it to be a great day at all.

After I was able to pull myself together, I got the girls started on school. That took some convincing. Bugs wanted me to hand over all her work so she could do it later and have homework. I explained to her that homework is done after supper when she is normally playing with Daddy. She decided that wasn’t such a fun idea after all and did it all right then. She begged me to read aloud extra history even. I then gave her her handwriting sheets and she looked at them and exclaimed that they were out of order. Technically she was correct. They grouped the letters by the strokes used to make them. So they weren’t in alphabetical order. I convinced her to do them in the order they were. She then did them, but insisted on covering up her work and said I couldn’t see any of it until she was completely finished.

After she finished her work, she asked me if I played games on my mom’s phone when I was little. I told her we didn’t have cell phones with games on them when I was little, and in fact, we didn’t have cell phones at all. Bugs got this confused lok on her face and then asked how we talked on the phone if we didn’t have cells. I told her that we had house phones that were connected to the wall that we talked on. “Oh, that’s interesting, Mom,” was her reply. 

She then asked me about playing games on the computer and I had to explain to her that we didn’t have those either growing up (we got our first when I was in high school). She then asked what we typed on and I had to explain what a type writter/word processor was.

I’m feeling really really old today…

A little bit later I said something and called her my little girl. She said she wasn’t little. I said she would be my little girl until she was taller than me (which won’t take long, she’s already over half my height. I’m 5’2” ish). She looked at me and said quite seriously, “Mom, I’m not little, I’m medium sized.”

It has been quite the morning around here. How’s it been at your house?


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  1. That’s hilarious!!! While I am sad (in a way) they are growing up, I love it when they act so BIG! It’s so fun to have those conversations with them! Tyler and I had that same conversation (almost exactly) about technology a few weeks back. So FUNNY!!!!

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