Sep 292011

On this day five years ago (already? How in the world is it five years ago already) we were blessed with our Bugs.

Bugs is such a sweet girl. She is very curious, full of zest and is so much fun. We are so thankful to have been given such a wonderful daughter.

The poor girl is a bit upset today though. All of our fun plans for her birthday are on hold for a few days. We have all been struck with a nasty virus (I’ll spare you the disgusting details) one right after another since Monday. HubbaHubba woke up with it Monday morning at 4. Bugs got sick Tuesdsay night at 10 and Beans got sick last night at 8. I’m not feeling all that great right now. Beans is still sick, Bugs is bouncing back and HubbaHubba is finally completely over it. So we’ll make the cupcakes and play outside and celebrate this weekend hopefully.

I hope you treasure your blessings daily. Time goes by way too fast and you never know what is around the corner. This past year has proven that to us in so many ways.


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