Aug 292011

Recently, I got the newest Paws & Tales, Putting Others First DVD to review. I was a bit apprehensive as my husband and I are fairly strict on what we allow our children to watch. I had nothing to worry about.
Paws & Tales is simply animated. Rather retro for those of us who are a bit, um, more mature (it isn’t CG and reminds me of the style of what I used to watch on Saturday mornings growing up)…It doesn’t have any intense action, bad language or anything else we find objectionable for our family.
The stories are based on scripture (and they did a good job with sticking to just scripture). The first story is A Race Against Time. In it, CJ and Stacey learn that people are more important than achieving a goal or finishing a task. It is basically the story of The Good Samaritan told in a way that young children will easily understand. (Matthew 22:39)
The second story on the disc is called The Hire Principal. CJ learns to put his family and his father’s new job first and permits Tiffany to boss him around (his dad now works for her dad). He lets himself be humiliated for the sake of his father’s job. This is a good story about seeking the good for others first. But also about when to stand up for yourself and not letting yourself get bullied. (Philippians 2:3).
My girls love this video. In fact, they have asked to watch it more often since we’ve gotten in over their previous favorites. That says a lot as when they really like something, it doesn’t typically get replaced by a new favorite too easily.
I like this because it teaches the principals of scripture to children in a way that is very easy for them to understand and grasp. I have seen them acting out these stories in their play and they seem to really understand a lot about what they mean.
This disc also has printable activities and teaching resources for parents and teachers. I really like how you can use this to supplement your Bible studies with your children.
I suggest you check out Paws & Tales for your children. Especially if you are looking for something more calm and less flashy than the bulk of what is on the market for children these days. I think you won’t be disappointed.
I received a copy of Chuck Swindoll’s Paws & Tales from Tyndale Publishing in exchange for this review. All opinions are mine and mine alone and no other compensation was received. .

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