May 302011

On the news you learn about a massive robbery. It happened to Someone Else.

A car accident happened. A man is left paralyzed. He is Someone Else.

A baby is born who isn’t expected to live. That happens to Someone Else.

A natural disaster occurs. The people affected are Someone Else.

Nothing ever happens to us. Well, nothing horrid is supposed to happen to us. We see these things happen on the news and perhaps in relief, we think that well, it didn’t happen to us, it was Someone Else.

Major things that make national and world headlines and cause a visit from the President always happen to Someone Else. Doesn’t it?

Let me introduce myself. My name is Someone Else. I live in that Some Other Town that had something horrible happen to it.

We go through life thinking that things never happen to us. Bad stuff happens elsewhere. It can’t happen here. It isn’t supposed to happen.

And then, suddenly you find that yes, it can and does happen. To others. To us.

This last week, I have lived Someone Else’s life. It is a life that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Who could wish this on Anyone Else?

EF5 tornadoes don’t happen here. They happen there. Well, the problem with there, is that it is here for Someone Else.

We don’t know what is going to happen to us day to day. There is no magic crystal ball to gaze into and see what is going to happen so we can take steps to prevent it. Eventually we all become Someone Else. In one way or another, tragedy will strike. You will lose a loved one. You will lose a job. Your house may burn to the ground. Your city will be devastated by a natural disaster. But you will be Someone Else. Someone Else who then has to forge a new path, find a new normal and deal with all the mess of becoming Someone Else.

When you are Someone Else, where are you going to turn to for strength? In whom can you place your hope and trust? Is it things or other humans? Or the One who made it all? I urge you to seek the answers to that before you become Someone Else. Because when you become Someone Else, it may be too late..

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