Apr 292011

I didn’t know that one either….Until yesterday.

Yesterday, the Beans and the Bugs and I were snuggling on my bed.  They had had a whiny morning and sometimes, when they get snuggle time it resets their attitudes, so that is what I had decided to do (yes, it worked).  So, we were snuggling and giggling and talking under our big down comforter when the Bugs and Beans all of a sudden decided that we were sailing on a boat in the middle of the ocean.  Which isn’t anything new with them.

So, we were out in the ocean, and a storm was coming up.  So they had to go and rescue the baby mermaids. Bugs would dive off the side of the ship, and come up with a baby mermaid, pass it off to Beans and then go back down for another.  After rescuing about five mermaids, she was done and the storm hit.

Apparently that storm was fairly bad….there was lightening and thunder.  We had to dive for shelter numerous times.  And then it happened.

The Mermaids caught on fire.  No idea why, it was rather spontaneous.  Then, horror of horrors, we had no firemen on the ship to put them out.  So, Captain Mom dropped some hoses into the sea and taught her little sailors how to spray water out of them to put out the flaming mermaids.

After the threat of our ship burning, the Bugs jumps up and yells that she needs her gun.  I ask her why in the world she would need a gun on a ship in the middle of the ocean.  I was half expecting her to exclaim about some pirates boarding the ship when she informs me in her most no-nonsense voice that the bear was coming towards us and we needed the meat. No one had any idea how in the world a bear was able to get to our ship, out in the middle of the ocean and land no where in sight.

I must say, the girls do have very vivid imaginations.  I love watching them (and participating) at their play.  They stories they come up with and act out with such passion gives me hope.  It gives me hope that not all imagination is dead in our society. I pray they keep their sense of wonder, fun and imagination with them for a very long time, even well into adulthood.  I wish I had been able to keep mine..

  2 Responses to “Mermaids are Flammable?”

  1. I love this story!!! Great mommy job–snuggling, playing, and acting out imaginations! I love you all!

  2. Love it!

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