Apr 042011

Bugs on the left, Beans to the right. On Bean's 3rd birthday, isn't her hair gorgeous?

Today has been one of those days…..

Bugs has had a rather obstinate day. This morning she decided she couldn’t do school. It was quite the battle (we’ve been dealing with issues of jealousy with her friends at church who are truly school aged and attend public school. She wants to go like her friends do.). So, she got into a huge amount of trouble and wasn’t permitted to watch any movies, play on the computer or her Leapster Explorer.  She also wouldn’t clean up the 64 count box of crayons she dumped out on the kitchen floor in front of my stove and sink.  So I refused to cook lunch until she had cleaned it up so I could get to the stove.

Lunch was very late today….

Then, as I was taking a breather and going through the junk that was delivered courtesy of the United States Postal Service, Bugs came and told me that her bed was broken.  I told her I would go look in a second.  She told me I needed to come now.  There was something in her voice that said I needed to go check.

So, I walk into their room and find the Beans, sitting on Bug’s bed with a pair of scissors in her hand, and small wisps of hair surrounding her. I calmly state no, SCREAM in utter shock, horror and disbelief.

And of course, I break into tears.

I go over to the bed, and the Beans is now crying hysterically.

Upon closer look, I discover that more hair is missing from her head than what I saw on the bed.

You can see how short the side became after the self-barbering attempt...

I ask the Beans if she cut her hair.  Her answer was that the Bugs had helped.  The Bugs denied any involvement.  After more questioning Beans admitted to cutting her hair herself. She hid the extra three handfuls between her sister’s mattress and the wall.

Front view of the bangs. Yes, there is a patch that is less than an inch long.

So, after I got myself calmed down, and I called my mother to see what she would have done in a similar situation (apparently neither my sister or myself ever tried to cut our own locks.  However, my sister was fond of scalping Barbies and My Little Ponies. She became a licensed cosmetologist…and now a funeral director). My mom really didn’t say much other than to send her pictures.

So, I decided to plop her into the shower, wash her hair and attempt to fix the damage.  Yes, by myself.  A trip to the salon is not an option for us financially at this point.

It turned out pretty well. I think.

Her right side. It took awhile to get the sides even.

The back of her new 'do.

I trimmed the rest of her bangs and if you sweep them to the side, and perhaps with a large bow, that patch of super short won't be too noticeable...

We did figure out how the scissors came to be in the room.  It was the Bugs.  She is the one who can reach the drawer they are in if she’s standing on a chair. She got them down to practice in her cutting workbook the other day. And I was a negligent mommy who didn’t double check after she was told to put them away.

Thankfully Hubbs was very understanding of the whole thing and got a chuckle out of it.  He even cooked supper for me tonight since I was a bit busy fixing issues in one form or another all day today. Hopefully tomorrow is much smoother.  And the hair will grow back. I have to keep reminding myself of that one.  Her hair will grow back.

Oh, and the side rail of the bed did fall down.  It is an older bed, and we aren’t sure how it was originally made, but we had to screw a metal plate back in the side to reattach the rail to the headboard. It’s fixed now.


  6 Responses to “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow…”

  1. Awwww! She’s still adorable! At least it will be easier to maintain this summer. 🙂

    • Yeah, she is awfully cute. We couldn’t believe how old it made her look. However, I can’t get it in a pony tail or braid it now. She was so cute in two braids or a pony tail bouncing in the back.

  2. Ahh, yes, the hair cutting. We had our episode this past summer. Bella and Bianca were playing ‘beauty shop’, and Bianca just pretended to cut Bella’s hair, but Bella got the real scissors out. Its almost back to where we started at! But recently Bianca did manage to trip about 5 strands of hair right at the front in the middle of her cowlic. It sticks up every now and then. This is why we’ll not be getting that hairdresser Barbie doll! Ha!

  3. Believe it or not, most mom’s have gone through this same thing. However, I (like you) never cut my own. I always thought I wouldn’t have to worry about it until we had a girl. WRONG!!!! Last year big Tyler cut his own hair & VERY short – like SCALPED himself in one little area!!! It literally looked like the buzz cutter had gotten stuck there! LOL Yes, I was upset. But, once I showed him what it looked like in a picture (he couldn’t see it in the mirror), he too was mortified. He cried for 2 days (off and on) about it. I asked him if he’d do it again and he said, “NO WAY!” So, I guess we all have those days (and kids)!! You did a GREAT job fixing it. I do like it short, but I also understand not being able to pull it up – that would be frustrating to me as I like my hair out of my face. Just remember, today is a new day!!! Praying you’ll have a blessed day today!!! 😉

  4. I love the cute little bob. Great Salon Work! We have not had this experience yet but I feel like it is coming. We’ve had scissors cut the septum of the nose before…. but not hair and thankfully not terribly bad. ((hugs))

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