Mar 012011

Sunday was a very momentous day for us.

It started off fairly normal.  We were all at Grandma’s house.  We got up, girls had breakfast with Grandma, Hubbs and I stayed in our basement bedroom and got dressed up in our church clothes before heading upstairs. We get upstairs to find a dense layer of fog all over the area. My MIL wasn’t too keen on trying to venture out, so we did church at home. We let the girls color pictures of Jesus calming the storm, we watched that section of scripture in the Matthew Video series and then we made a storm with a cookie sheet and a boat, played the make the rain sounds game. The girls really enjoyed it.

Then, afterwards, they practiced writing their names on their papers.  Then the Bugs was handed a Phonics Ready Reader, and she read it. She read a second one out load and got two pages into a third before she decided she was too hungry and needed lunch.

It was incredible to sit and hear my 4.5 year-old reading simple phonics words. The look of joy on her face was priceless too. And she did it in front of her Grandma really made Grandma’s day also. My big girl is READING!!!!!! I can hardly believe it.  We’ve been working on phonics and sounding out letters this past school year. I haven’t been pushing her. She’s sounded out a word here and a word there, but to sit and read a few small phonics books, and not having to sound out several of the words was something I was looking forward to having happen, I just didn’t think it would happen this soon.

So, celebrate with us please! Our Bugs is reading! (as her rite of passage gift for this, we will be purchasing her a young reader’s Bible.  We aren’t sure of which one yet, so any suggestions would be fabulous.).

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